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Thanksgiving Bubble Pops: County COVID Cases Drop 31 In Day

Thanksgiving Bubble Pops:

County COVID Cases Drop 31 In Day


After burgeoning since Thanksgiving get-togethers, the number of active cases county-wide have suddenly dropped by 31 in a single day.

Despite 10 new cases and 19 hospitalization of either new or ongoing cases being reported today, the total active cases as of Tuesday, Jan. 5, was 126, 30-plus-one lower than the day before.

Most likely, the drop is due to successful quarantines, said county Assistant Public Health Director Kim Schlosser, in charge while Director Heidi Bond is out of the office for a few days.

“Ten days after testing positive, the individual is considered to be negative for the virus,” Schlosser said.

And 10 days ago, local positive COVID cases saw a significant spike and, after successful quarantining, those individuals are now in the clear, she said.

Hospitalizations have also declined by two in the last 24 hours and no new deaths have been reported as of Dec. 29.

“For whatever reason, it seems some people are responding to treatment,” Schlosser said, although she wasn’t aware of any changes in COVID treatment.

It remains to be seen if the Christmas Holiday will result in a spike, as was experienced after Thanksgiving.

“We believe we’re still really only dealing with the aftermath of Thanksgiving at this point,” Schlosser concluded.

With 10th Death, County ‘Overwhelmed,’ Bond Says

With 10th Death, County

‘Overwhelmed,’ Bond Says

County Staffing Increased As Deaths, COVID Infections Keep Growing

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Help is on the way after county Public Health Director Heidi Bond lamented that her department is “overwhelmed.”

“We’re barely keeping up with the cases coming in,” she said. “With contact tracing, that means you might not get a call if you’ve been identified as a close personal contact in a timely manner.”

On Monday, Dec. 14, the county Board of Representatives voted unanimously on a resolution from the floor presented by county Rep. Michele Farwell, D-Morris, to approve three LPNs or three health workers, or a combination of the two, to ensure Bond has the resources she needs to continue combating COVID.

With Bond and five nurses working nights and weekends, she hopes to expand the staff to eight to assist in interviewing positive cases and providing additional contact tracing.

“It’s definitely a relief,” she said. “All of us have been working six days a week.”

As of Tuesday, Dec. 15,there were 153 cases reported over last seven days, with 16 hospitalizations and two deaths, 10 deaths total.

Both of the deceased were women over 55, including one elderly woman who caught the virus from an employee at her assisted living facility after the employee was exposed at a private Thanksgiving gathering.

But with the lack of contact tracers, Bond said it could be days before her staff can reach those who may have been exposed to let them know they need to quarantine.

Bond defined “close contacts” as a person, including household residents, co-workers or friends, that the positive case spent more than 15 minutes with, either masked or unmasked.

“Normally we want to contact those people within 24 hours to let them know they should quarantine,” she said. “Now we’re asking people if they know they’re positive, that they take personal responsibility and notify their contacts, as well as tell us those names.”

And that personal responsibility extends to those notified, she said, who need to quarantine at home for 14 days. “That means no going out to the store, no going into work, no seeing friends,” she said. “You just stay home and wait.”

Bond said that if not contacted by the Health Department within five days of quarantine, to reach out in order to get the paperwork needed to approve time off work through the CARES Act.

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