Thanksgiving Bubble Pops: County COVID Cases Drop 31 In Day

Thanksgiving Bubble Pops:

County COVID Cases Drop 31 In Day


After burgeoning since Thanksgiving get-togethers, the number of active cases county-wide have suddenly dropped by 31 in a single day.

Despite 10 new cases and 19 hospitalization of either new or ongoing cases being reported today, the total active cases as of Tuesday, Jan. 5, was 126, 30-plus-one lower than the day before.

Most likely, the drop is due to successful quarantines, said county Assistant Public Health Director Kim Schlosser, in charge while Director Heidi Bond is out of the office for a few days.

“Ten days after testing positive, the individual is considered to be negative for the virus,” Schlosser said.

And 10 days ago, local positive COVID cases saw a significant spike and, after successful quarantining, those individuals are now in the clear, she said.

Hospitalizations have also declined by two in the last 24 hours and no new deaths have been reported as of Dec. 29.

“For whatever reason, it seems some people are responding to treatment,” Schlosser said, although she wasn’t aware of any changes in COVID treatment.

It remains to be seen if the Christmas Holiday will result in a spike, as was experienced after Thanksgiving.

“We believe we’re still really only dealing with the aftermath of Thanksgiving at this point,” Schlosser concluded.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Bubble Pops: County COVID Cases Drop 31 In Day

  1. Jim Francis

    Why no reconciliation with NYS Health statistics, which show our county’s Covid count at 1335? It seems to be burgeoning. If you want me to believe, you must explain why your data is relevant.

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