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Omicron…New York in a State of Emergency

Omicron…New York in a State of Emergency

Saturday, November 27, 2021. 1:00 PM

Yesterday morning we had not heard of SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.529. The New York Times did not mention it and The Economist had no information in their morning news feed. It was then one of many variants of the virus that causes COVID. Then the World Health Organization named it Omicron. WHO reserves Greek letter names for variants of particular concern. Omicron is one of them.

The global stock markets plunged with U.S. major indices losing more than 2% in a half day of trading. Lockouts have been instituted and announced. Governor Hochul has declared a state of emergency. Doctor Fauci is making the rounds of all the major media news organizations. How severe Omicron will be and whether the current vaccines will be effective, and if so, to what extent is unknown.

Below is a compilation of what is known and unknown as of the time this article is being written. Most of it is open to revision.

GOP COVID-19 Proposal Includes Business Focus

GOP COVID-19 Proposal

Includes Business Focus

Seward: Small Business Owners Anxious

Senator Seward

ALBANY – State Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, joined with the Senate Republican Conference in sending Governor Cuomo a “COVID-19 Action Plan” that includes programs for public safety, but also to assure the viability of small business and the welfare of employees.

“It is essential that we enact a comprehensive plan to protect health and well-being and also safeguard our small businesses and employees,” said  Seward.  “The governor has taken a number of steps to combat the spread of Coronavirus, but there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding our economy.

Ruffles To Lead County Response To Corona Threat


Ruffles To Lead

County Response

To Corona Threat

Allen Ruffles

COOPERSTOWN – County Treasurer Allen Ruffles has been appointed to chair the task force that county board Chairman Dave Bliss convened this morning to implement the response to the coronavirus threat.

The task force identified the following components that need to be addressed:

  • Employee safety in the field – meeting state mandates and best practices. Limiting exposure at work
  • Potential changes to work schedules and related labor issues
  • Procurement of material necessary to allow for work to go on
  • Information – establish a process to disburse information to the public in a clear and meaningful fashion
  • Financial issues and planning
  • Public Health – How to establish best practices and carry out the work necessary to keep the public safe and well informed
  • Public Safety

With 76 NY Cases, Governor Declares State Of Emergency


With 76 NY Cases,

Governor Declares

State Of Emergency

No Otsego County Infestation Yet

In Nassau County this morning, Governor Cuomo declares a state of emergency to help limit the spread of coronarivus. At right is an assistant, Melissa DeRosa. (Governor’s Office photo)

ALBANY – During his daily coronavirus briefing today, Governor Cuomo confirmed 32 additional cases, 76 in all, and declared a state of emergency.

The 32 new cases identified today are in New York City, and Westchester and Saratoga counties. Of the 76 total individuals in New York State who tested positive for the virus, none are in Otsego County, although three people who visited countries were the infection is widespread are in voluntary seclusion.

Roads Closed As Riley  Buries Otsego County

Roads Closed As Riley

 Buries Otsego County

A state of emergency has been declared in the City of Oneonta as snowfall from Winter Storm Riley continues to fall.  Overall accumulation is expected reach 12 inches through the day. Above, Gary Burley and son Mason shovel out their driveway on Oneonta’s Chestnut Street.  Temperatures in the low 30s have made the snow heavy and wet, causing some area damage. “There are parts of Chestnut Street and the West End that do not have power,” reported Asst. Fire Chief Jim Maloney. “There are wires and limbs down blocking some road ways, but so far no accidents or fires have been reported.” At right, Casey Thomas drives past temporary  stop sign erected at the intersection of Chestnut and West streets when the traffic lights went out. Roads are currently closed to non-emergency vehicles and motorists are advised against any unnecessary travel.  Snowfall is expected to continue until midnight. (Ian Austin/

State of Emergency Declared For Otsego

State of Emergency

Declared In County

Kevin Johnson, Michelle Kearney and Izzy Martinez, all of Oneonta, work at getting their car unstuck from a snow bank on Oneonta’s Market Street after trying to get into a parking lot. After an hour of digging, pushing and some help from some passing residents, they made it into the parking garage. (Ian Austin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE  • Special to

ONEONTA – Moments ago, the county Board of Representatives declared Otsego County is in a State of Emergency, echoing Governor Cuomo’s statewide declaration earlier this morning.

County roads are closed to all non-emergency travel so that emergency vehicles have safe passage on the snowy roads.

“We really need people to stay home,” said Rob O’Brien, the county’s 911 director.

Snow Day Oneonta

Snow Day Oneonta!

Schools, City Hall Closed As Storm Stella Blankets State

ONEONTA – With schools, the Huntington Library and City Hall closed, Oneonta has effectively taken a snow day for Winter Storm Stella.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a State of Emergency for all 62 counties in New York, and locally, Mayor Gary Herzig has asked all residents to avoid any unnecessary travel. “To protect the safety of all, Oneonta residents should stay home on Tuesday unless travel is essential,” he wrote in a release. “The City is prepared to clear our roads; however, conditions may be treacherous. Please stay tuned to local media for the potential of road closings. All persons should also exercise extreme care and err on the side of caution when shoveling or otherwise removing snow.”

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