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Summer Soirée Sings Praises Of ISD, Clark Sports Center

Summer Soirée Sings Praises

Of ISD, Clark Sports Center

The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Soirée was this evening, celebrating local businesses that promote a good and sustainable life in Otsego County. Information Systems Division (ISD Tech) of Oneonta  received the Environmental Stewardship Award for its computer- and electronics-recycling program. The Clark Sports Center of Cooperstown received the Quality of Life Award for helping over 5,500 members live healthier, (including 37 members over 90, who get free memberships).  Above, center, are chamber President Barbara Ann Heegan, Quality of Life sponsor Scott White, Bank of Cooperstown president, behind her at left, and George Busch, NBT Insurance vice president/sales.  To to the left of Heegan, front row, are ISD partners Ron Ranc and Roxanna Hurlburt; behind, from right, are ISD’s Chris Ranc, Wilhemina Guest and Mike LaBarr.  To the right of Heagan are Clark Director Val Paige and her managers, Erin Newkirk, Kathy Graham, Jim DiLiberto and Rich Jantzi.  Inset, left, Assemblyman John Salka, R-Brookfield, reads citations from  state Sen. Jim Seward, r-Milford, who was also represented by his aide, Mira Jergovich, commending the two organizations.  The dinner, attended by 80, was in the middle of the Clark’s basketball court. (Ian Austin/

ISD Protects Nature From Computers

ISD Protects Nature

From Computers

Oneonta Tech Firm Honored With

Otsego Chamber Environment Award

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Bins full of discarded computer equipment to be recycled bear witness to the company’s sense of responsibility, says partner Roxana Hurlburt. (Ian Austin/

ONEONTA – Information Systems Divisions Inc. isn’t just the place to get a new computer or get your company’s IT needs taken care of.

It’s also a steward of the environment.

“Since 2011, we’ve recycled more than 84,000 pound of electronic waste,” said Roxana Hurlburt, who, with Ron Ranc II, founded the company in 1989. “And we do it for free.”

It was this commitment to the environment that earned ISD Tech the Environmental Stewardship Award from the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, to be presented at its annual Summer Soiree on Thursday, Aug. 22, at the Clark Sports Center.

“We live in a beautiful area,” said Hurlburt. “You don’t want to drive down country roads and see old computers just dumped out there.”

‘Luckiest People’ Belong To Clark Sports Center

‘Luckiest People’ Belong

To Clark Sports Center

Former ACC Gymnasium Honored

With Chamber Quality Of Life Award

Instructor Katherine Walters leads the Prime Time exercise class at the Clark Sports Center.  (Ian Austin/

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to

Jane Moyer credits swimming at the Clark for reaching age 99.

COOPERSTOWN – Jane Moyer has been exercising at the Clark Sports Center for 70 years, which may explain why she is still going strong at 99.

She is one of 36 nonagenarian members – after 90, membership’s free – and they may best exemplify why Otsego County Chamber of Commerce chose the Clark Sports Center its Quality of Life Award to be presented at its Summer Soiree Thursday, Aug. 22 – for the first time, at the Clark.

Funded by the Clark Foundation from its inception in 1891 to its renovation and expansion completed in 2017, the Clark Sports Center has, in the Chamber’s words, “significantly contributed to the quality of life in this area by providing amazing programs and opportunities for the local population to attain a healthier lifestyle.”

But for Moyer and the multiple generations of families, the Clark is part of family and community life, a place that has shaped lives, futures and connections between villagers and people living throughout the county.

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