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City Awards $52,600 To 4 Local Businesses

City Awards $52,600

To 4 Local Businesses

ONEONTA — Microenterprise grants totalling $52,600 were awarded this afternoon to four city businesses:  Shakedown Street Share Your Wear Online Store; Noah’s World; Wolfhound Studios and Sunrise Catering, Inc.

The money is for equipment and working capital costs.

“I congratulate the recipients of this current round of microenterprise funding,” stated Mayor Gary  Herzig. “These grants will help strengthen the city’s small business community.”

COLORS Replace White Gowns, Black Tuxes


Replace White Gowns, Black Tuxes

Colored gowns in the background underscore Norah Doyle’s conclusion. (Ian Austin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Sarno & Sons offerings push color to new heights, but colors this season are bursting out everywhere, from brides’ gowns to flower arrangements to exotic hors d’oeuvres.

The brides shouldn’t have all the fun, says Norah Doyle, owner of Rainbow’s End Weddings & More.
“The girls have been getting all the attention, while the guy just puts on a black or white tux and shows up,” she said. “But now, we’re seeing fashions catching up for the groom.”

Velvet tuxedos in “dusty rose,” jackets in silver embossed brocade, even studded shoes are taking over the industry, adding color and style to the traditional wedding wear.
“For years we’ve been getting people asking if we had velvet,” she said. “And last year, we finally got a burgundy velvet tuxedo, and it was very popular.”

But it doesn’t stop at burgundy.

“We just got in the Sarno & Son catalogue, and they have really stepped out of the box,” Doyle said. “We’re seeing celebrities wear all these great tuxes on the red carpet. Why shouldn’t it be available to the mainstream?”

The silver, white and black embossed fabrics are available for the more conservative among grooms. “There’s also colored socks and suspenders if you want to be a little more discreet,” she said. “Or how about crazy footwear, like gold glitter shoes?”

But for the daring, there’s the floral suede or the psychedelic paisley “Hendrix” tuxedo jackets. “I think it’s great to step outside the basic black and white,” she said.

A bright platter of roasted veggies from Sunrise Catering.

And if you’re a little young to get married, don’t worry – the tuxes are also available for prom! “Prom kids love to assert their independence,” said Doyle. “Every year, someone asks for the orange and blue ‘Dumb & Dumber’ tuxes!”

The colored dress and shoe trend has died out for the bride, Doyle said, but the bridesmaids have an opportunity to match the groom, bringing the whole look together.

“Bridesmaids don’t even have to wear matching dresses anymore,” she said.

The color trend has moved beyond clothing.

Florists such as Mohican Flowers in Cooperstown or Coddington’s Florist in Oneonta can offer bright blooms, and Sunrise Catering’s Janet Hurley-Quackenbush said there’s plenty of bright – and seasonal! – offerings for the buffet table as well.

“Brides want colorful foods that match the season,” she said. “That means they’re locally sourced, and they’re healthier for you.”

A winter bride might get roasted veggie terrine with purple potatoes and bright orange sweet potatoes, while a summer bride might want their Superfood Salsa, with edamame, tri-colored peppers and tri-colored heirloom tomatoes, or, brighter still, their Rainbow Fruit Salad.

“We start with some red raspberries, then orange mango, yellow pineapple, green kiwi, blueberries and deep violet with grapes and blackberries,” Hurley-Quakenbush said. “It’s so pretty.”

Presentation is also important, and a quick way to brighten up a boring table. “A lot of brides like greenery, so we’ll bring fresh greens and colorful flowers to decorate with,” she said. “We can even do edible orchids on the side of the serving plate!”

And Lynn Briggs of Batter Up, (formerly Marjorie Landers Specialty Cakes) takes fruit to a whole new level on the wedding cake. “Lately we’ve been doing gilded fruit,” she said. “We use an edible gold powder, it gives it a very elegant look.”

She’s also been experimenting with hand-painting cakes. “We did a cake that we painted a barn and sunflowers on,” she said. “It’s a great way to personalize your cake.”

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