Thank You Seward, Well Done!

Thank You Seward, Well Done!

On Dec. 31, 2020, James L. Seward of Milford – everyone’s “Gentleman Jim” – retired from the New York State Senate, where he had served Otsego County since Jan. 1, 1986. Because of COVID-19, few of his constituents had the chance to say: Farewell – and thank you. When offered the opportunity, many of us – his fellow legislators, community leaders, top corporate executives and businesspeople, and citizens to whom he reached out and helped in time of need – have now done so in tributes that appear in this Special Edition – from The Editor

State Sen. James L. Seward was surrounded by the people he loved most as he was sworn in on Jan. 2, 2019, for his last term by County Judge Brian Burns. From left are son Ryan with his wife, Kelly; daughter Lauren with younger daughter Vivian; wife Cindy and Vivian’s sister Norah. (Ian Austin/

President, Andela Products,
Richfield Springs
Senator Seward was someone who stayed connected, and I considered him a supporter of businesses in our community. He remembered your name, and what your business or interest was. If he could help with some information, or a recommendation, he would be there for you. I appreciated his long-term service advocating for our rural community.

I would like to say I appreciate all Jim Seward did for this area.
Personally, he helped my brother, who moved in from Ohio, to get the resources he needed. He helped me with a sticky situation with the Thruway Authority. During the beginning of the Pandemic unemployment period his office was great at getting questions answered.
Thankful for all his support.

Founding President (1990s) Cherry Valley Communities Facility Corp.
When a group of people got together to rescue the old school building in the Village of Cherry Valley, there were many helping hands. State Senator Jim Seward was arguably the most important.
He was an early supporter, cheering us on and steering us to sources of funds, and sponsoring our applications for major state grants for construction and smaller ones for programming.
He helped us get the post office located there and get the senior meal site, old school café, municipal offices and the prior day care center established.
As he was with many community efforts throughout his district, he always went the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.

Senator Seward’s
Communications Director
I had the fortune to work with Senator Seward for the past 12 years. During that time I experienced a great deal and have seen firsthand how dedicated Jim is to those in our area.
As his communications director, it was my responsibility to spread his message. It’s an easy job when you have a positive message and a winning subject like Senator Seward. He passed legislation to help millions, and just as importantly, he took time to compassionately help individuals who had nowhere else to turn.
Senator Seward is a man of the people and I know that will never change.

Otsego County Board
I don’t recall exactly when or where I first met Jim Seward, but it was soon after he was first elected to the state Senate. Before long, I was elected to the Middlefield Town Board and then town supervisor, and Jim was always available for advice and to advocate for the needs of our town and his district.
Jim was able deliver with regularity, for our town, for the county, for the schools, and for all the citizens of his district.
His service to our communities was a lifelong passion and he greeted all with a big smile and a genuine desire to help. He departs the same way, and I wish both him and Cindy all the best in his retirement. He deserves it!

President, Brooks BBQ
So many things to thank Senator Seward for over the years! He has advocated for us through the second and third generations of Brooks BBQ! His help with continuing to maintain a productive restaurant and catering business in Otsego County has helped tremendously.
Senator Seward has kept people honest in our region, making it easier to get things done properly and safely. It was a huge honor when he named the restaurant as a designee of the James Beard Foundation award. That award hangs in Brooks as a reminder of what a great advocate he has been for so many years!
Senator – your quart of coleslaw is always ready for you! Take care and God speed.

Executive Director
Greater Oneonta Historical Society
Senator Jim Seward has been a longtime proponent of Oneonta’s history and a friend and supporter of the Greater Oneonta Historical Society.
From donating items to our annual benefit auction to securing significant state grants for restoration and adaptive reuse of the Oneonta History Center to supporting the reopening of the Oneonta Theatre, his contributions are much appreciated.
We at GOHS wish Jim and Cindy many happy years of retirement!

Even in retirement, you’ll likely see Jim Seward driving his vehicle with the #3 “Cooperstown, Birthplace of Baseball” license plate. Receiving #1 was Harold Hollis, then mayor of Cooperstown (and former managing editor of The Freeman’s Journal). #2 went to Ed Stack, then Hall of Fame director.

Former President
Otsego Lake Association
One of best things Senator Jim Seward did during his last term in the Senate was to spearhead the efforts in the state Legislature to name a portion of Route 205 through the hamlet of Hartwick in honor of Marine Corps Sgt. John Kempe Winslow, a beloved native son of Hartwick who was killed in action in Vietnam in 1969. What a great tribute to Sergeant Winslow and his family. Thank you, Senator Seward.

14-Year former Otsego County Assemblyman
Jim Seward and I entered the political arena at the same time some 50 years ago. We began as college interns, worked as staff members and served together in the state Legislature.
Jim is one of the finest people I have ever known. He is a kind, compassionate individual who mastered the art of political compromise without ever sacrificing his principles or core beliefs. His career epitomizes the true meaning of public service.
Our region, and our state, is fortunate Jim has walked among us. May God grant him the long, happy and healthy retirement he so richly deserves.

Political Strategist,
Past Otsego County
Republican Chairman
Until this year, Jim Seward has been the only person in my lifetime I have ever cast a vote for state senator. During his tenure, he served the people with unwavering commitment, dedication and class. I have often said, Albany would be a better place if it had more people like Jim Seward – those words have never
been truer. All of us in the 51st Senate District and across New York State are thankful and grateful to Senator Seward for his service.
I am proud to call him my senator, a political mentor and, most importantly, my friend.

Jane Forbes Clark

Chairman, National
Baseball Hall Of Fame
In more than three decades of service to Central New York, Senator James L. Seward has demonstrated a compassion and a commitment to our region that has helped make Cooperstown a more special place for our residents and our visitors, including the members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
All of this Village’s wonderful institutions have benefitted from his dedication and his generosity of spirit.
On behalf of the staff of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, I congratulate Senator Seward on his retirement following a significant career of service to our community.

Dennis Craig

President, SUNY Oneonta
Sen. James L. Seward has been a steady leader his election as representative of the 51st District of the New York State Senate in 1986. His enthusiasm for SUNY Oneonta throughout his career has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students and their parents.
Capital funding that Sen. Seward secured contributed to the outstanding condition of our campus facilities and infrastructure. His stewardship has enabled projects that have transformed our academic programs, enhanced student learning, and helped build the strong affinity for our college that alumni near and far feel so deeply.
On behalf of SUNY Oneonta, I extend our deepest gratitude for the countless contributions Sen. Seward has made to our college and to all his constituents. We wish him good health and good fortune as he transitions to a well-deserved retirement and more time with his family.

Senator Seward’s
Chief of Staff
Senator Jim Seward’s success stems from two aspects of his character.
First, Jim Seward genuinely likes people and sees the best in them. He enjoys interacting with the public, and as senator he was as attentive and interested in the concerns of a laborer as he was when interacting with a corporate CEO. To him, they were of equal importance.
Second, he believed in the ideal of public service; that elective office conferred an obligation to serve – not be served. He believed that government, when presided over by men and women of virtue, could have a significant influence for the common good.

Congressman Antonio Delgado

D-19, Otsego County’s Congressman
Senator Seward centered his career on service and delivered for his community, even while battling incomprehensible illness.
Leading with his neighbors always in mind, he rejected partisan politics and worked with anyone to benefit his constituents. From broadening health insurance to protecting local jobs to securing state aid, Senator Seward showcased the power of good governance.
I thank the senator for his service and wish him and his family a peaceful and healthy retirement in the community he helped shape.

Otsego County Sheriff
Senator Seward has been very supportive of public safety over his tenure. He was a guest speaker at many Otsego County Law Enforcement Academy graduations.
He is supportive of inmate rights and recognized many organizations such as the Otsego County Jail Ministries for their work.
One of his most admirable traits was his longstanding support for the volunteer fire and EMS services.
We wish Senator Seward well in his deserved retirement and thank him for his many years of service.

Board Chairman
Susquehanna SPCA
It would be fair to say that the entire organization of the Susquehanna SPCA was heartbroken by the announcement of Jim Seward’s retirement from the state Senate. He has been, for many years, a stalwart friend and advocate for our shelter, and was instrumental in the awarding of a $500,000 grant from the state, which provided a financial cornerstone for our new and beautiful state-
of-the-art facility rising on Route 28 on the outskirts of Cooperstown. Without Jim’s initial and tireless support, our new shelter might never have come to be.
On behalf of all of us at the Susquehanna SPCA and the citizens of Otsego County, thank you, Jim Seward, for what you helped build for our furry friends. You have earned the gift of a puppy and two kittens, which are available for pick-up at your earliest convenience.

Board President
Otsego 2000
It’s hard to imagine the state Senate without our friend, Senator Jim Seward.
Jim was instrumental in working with us to form the Glimmerglass Coalition to protect the waters and shoreline of Otsego Lake. He was also instrumental in establishing the Glimmerglass Historic District, and its addition to the State and National Registers of Historic Places.
He and Cindy understood the value of our priceless historic landscapes. Although we did not always see eye-to-eye on hydraulic fracturing, Jim always listened. He was a friend to our region who will be missed. We wish him and Cindy many more happy years to enjoy the beauty that they helped protect.

LEAF Executive Director
The board, the executive director, and the staff of the LEAF Council on Alcoholism & Addictions are deeply grateful for the public service of Senator Seward!
Throughout the decades, he has been a wise supporter and an enthusiastic cheerleader for the work of substance misuse prevention. He took the time to listen and understand the work we do and then chose to go to bat for the people we serve on many occasions.
Senator Seward, although we will miss you deeply,
we wish you all of the very best life has to offer in
your retirement. You’ve earned it.

Margaret Drugovich

Hartwick College
Jim, Hartwick is proud that your life of service began here, on Oyaron Hill. When Professor Lindell helped you secure an internship with the majority whip in the state Assembly, you started a journey that would change lives.
When we recognize you with the President’s Award for the Liberal Arts in Practice in May, we will recognize the importance of your work and the difference you have made to so many.
I admire how you have led, Jim, and I am proud to have called you my state senator. We will miss your leadership in the Senate, but will always welcome you here at Hartwick as teacher, mentor and friend. Thank you, Jim.

Richfield Town Board Member
To say that Jim Seward has been a steadfast friend to his constituents in the northern-most point of his district is an understatement.
Jim has been supportive of the Richfield Springs Community Center from its early beginnings in 1999. He was instrumental in securing grants to facilitate the building of a permanent home on Ann Street in 2008. His firm belief in the mission of The Center was apparent in his selection of long-time current Board member and visionary Jackie Hinckley as his Senate District’s “2009 Woman of Distinction.”
The Board of Directors salutes Jim Seward for helping to bring a vision to a reality.

County Representative,
Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement. On behalf of myself, my family, and all of my, and your, constituents here in Unadilla, a very heartfelt “thank you” for your years of service to us. You were always “there” for us. In person at Flag Day parades, Memorial Day ceremonies and July 4th celebrations. For our Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Historical Society, Library, and our parks and recreation needs.  You were also “there” with the financial support for our Village, Town, the Unatego School District and our fire departments. “Thank you,” again.
Your dedication and diligence to Otsego County over the years provided multitudes of completed projects and millions of dollars of funding. Attempting to list all of them would be impossible. Thank you, thank you.
To you, and Cindy, enjoy your very well deserved retirement.

Otsego County Clerk
I wish Senator Seward an amazing and well deserved retirement. He was there for me when I became a new county clerk and throughout the years.
He truly cared about his constituents; a politician with class. Thank you, Jim, for all you gave to us.

Cherry Valley
I am writing on behalf of the late Isabelle VanderWerker.
Isabelle kept the Cherry Valley division of the Rebekahs going for decades. The Rebekahs is an international service-oriented organization and a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
When the roof of the 18th century lodge building in Cherry Valley needed to be replaced, Senator Seward was able to find $10,000. in state grant money to make it possible.

Joseph Griffo

State Senate Deputy Minority Leader
If there were ever someone who personified character, integrity and dedication, it would be Senator Jim Seward.
Senator Seward – the “gentleman from Milford” – has always been a bright, articulate and humble individual who cares deeply about the constituents and communities that he represented. He not only was a mentor to me in the Senate, but someone who I respected professionally and admired personally. His insight and sense of humor will be missed in Albany, as well as the graceful and dignified courage he demonstrated while confronting cancer and COVID-19.
I wish Senator Seward much happiness and good health during his well-earned and well-deserved retirement.

Board Chairman, First Night Oneonta
First Night Oneonta has mounted community-building events since 1997 and has long been fortunate to collaborate with our own senator, James L. Seward.
Jim has collaborated with First Night for decades, lending advice, critical financial support and his personal presence at our Hometown Oneonta Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve Celebration at Foothills plus walking in our popular parades. Jim understands community: the bonds that bring neighbors together plus the key arts and culture ingredients that make for our remarkable quality of life. The First Night Board of Directors is proud and grateful for this beneficial partnership, and for his friendship.

Executive Director, Susquehanna SPCA
We at the Susquehanna SPCA have been so fortunate to have support from Senator Seward and his staff.
As a new executive director five years ago, I had a lot to learn (still do) but, thankfully, Senator Seward was there for us as we navigated the steps necessary to improve our organization. He listened to us and was instrumental in helping shelter officials secure a $500,000 grant from New York State toward construction of our new shelter. Senator Seward and his family are true supporters and lovers of animals, and we are grateful that he will remain nearby. It is good to know we can still look forward to seeing him at our events and during the occasional visit to adopt more cats!

Mayor, City of Oneonta
One of the very first people to reach out to me after my election as mayor in 2015 was Senator Jim Seward. Jim wanted me to know that Oneonta held a special place in his heart – it was, after all, where he was born, attended school, and graduated from Hartwick College. Jim, I soon learned, was more than the person to see when you needed financial assistance for an important project. He would be a trusted friend and advocate in guiding this new mayor through the bureaucracy of state government. It didn’t matter that we belonged to different political parties. What mattered was helping to make good things happen for the people of the City of Oneonta. Enjoy your retirement, Jim – you have more than earned it.

Dr. Tommy Ibrahim

Bassett Healthcare Network
On behalf of the entire Bassett Healthcare Network, I am honored to pay tribute to Senator Seward for his distinguished service and out-standing contributions across New York State and our region. Senator Seward built a legacy of advancing significant legislation to address health care costs and coverage while advocating for critical health care access to meet the needs of his constituents. In his more than three decades of service, Senator Seward has been an extremely valuable supporter of Bassett Healthcare Network programs and initiatives
that are so vital to the region we serve, including the school-based health program, initiatives to address the opioid epidemic, the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine & Health’s programs to reduce injuries and fatalities among the state’s farming community and so much more.
Bassett Network’s mission of improving the health of our patients and the well-being of our communities has benefited from the Senator’s tireless efforts.
We are forever grateful to Senator Seward and congratulate him on his well deserved retirement.

Chairman, Otsego Now
COO, Bassett Healthcare Network
I wish to congratulate Senator Seward on his well-deserved retirement and thank him for 34 years of service to our communities. His leadership, compassion, and tremendous public service have truly improved our area’s economy and infrastructure for more than three decades.
Hard-working and kind, Senator Seward has always humbly worked alongside his constituents. Last year, I personally observed the Senator working at the United Way’s monthly food distribution events, loading produce and other groceries into cars with a smile and a gentle word.
I, along with many of my colleagues in the healthcare sector, are deeply grateful to Senator Seward for his partnership and dedication. .

County Rep, Milford,
Hartwick, New Lisbon

Thank you, Senator Seward, for your unwavering dedication to the people of NY51.
Your career is a blueprint for those serving the public. Your ability to work exclusively for the good of your district, your attention to both the big picture and the indivdiual constituent is a great example and inspiration.
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. I am proud to represent you and Cindy on the county board. Best wishes for the future from the Kennedy family!

One of Senator Seward’s memorable achievements was obtaining $1 million to jumpstart renovations of Cooperstown’s fabled Doubleday Field for its Centennial, and talking his Democratic colleague, the late Assemblyman Bill Magee, to come up with another $1 million. Here Seward shakes hands with former mayor Jeff Katz during the May 21, 2018 announcement, as current Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch looks on. (Jim Kevlin/

President, On Behalf of Springbrook Community
From the entire Springbrook community, we want to thank Senator Seward for his 34 years of service to the 51st district of New York State, and for his tireless and continuous support of Springbrook. Senator Seward has been an exceptional advocate for our work and mission, and his efforts, energy, and compassion have been instrumental in Springbrook’s growth.
It has been an incredible privilege, Senator Seward, to work with you and to learn from you – our community is all the stronger because of your selfless dedication to the people of the 51st district. You are an inspiration!

Pastor, Milford UM Church
I first met Jim Seward in 2013. I was the newly arrived minister at Milford United Methodist Church.
There was a chicken and biscuit fundraiser at the church. I found Jim in the kitchen, washing up, elbow deep in soapy water, with a big smile and a cheerful disposition.
In the almost eight years I have known him, that disposition has not changed one iota.
State Sen. James L. Seward lives his faith with sincerity, and a deep, abiding commitment to all.
A happy and healthy retirement, Jim. The kitchen sink awaits you at our next fundraiser.

Hartwick College, ’73
It has been my privilege to know Jim/Senator Seward since college. I recall when he first ran in a primary for the state Assembly while we were juniors. I was then editor of the Hartwick College newspaper, and Jim came into the office with a press release and photo – then sporting a ’stache as many of us did – wondering if we might run it.
Of course we did – here was one of “our own” seeking to do something positive at a time when the campuses were rife with activists for all kinds of causes (from Earth Day to end the Vietnam War). Jim wanted to engage the system and actually accomplish things for our region.
He may not have won that first bid for office, but with some apprenticing in Albany, he eventually took over our state Senate seat, and never looked back. And his accomplishments are legion, too numerous for a 100-word article.
Funny at the editorial meeting after he met with us, several staff (including the young Republicans of that day) voiced concern that Jim was quiet and shy. However, two of us said no, he is focused, knows what he’s about and what he wants to do.
Jim and Cindy, wish you both the best for a long and fruitful retirement.
God Bless you both.

Nick Langworthy

Chairman, Republican State Committee
At a time when so many New Yorkers have lost faith in our government institutions, Jim Seward stood out as a true statesman. He served New Yorkers with distinction and honor, always putting the interests of the people he served above all else.
His legacy of accomplishments on behalf of his constituents is lengthy, but his greatest legacy is the character and integrity he displayed every single day of his nearly 35 years as senator.
Though he is leaving public life, we are proud to count him as forever a beloved member of our New York Republican Party.

Board President,
Community Foundation of Otsego County
Jim has always been there for members of his communities in the nine counties of District 51. He has been available, accessible, encouraging, connecting and helpful.
Many people in public service positions talk about serving “all the people,” but Jim actually lives by those words. He demonstrates true respect for every person and makes time to listen carefully to everyone.
He also is a problem-solver who is an expert at navigating government regulations and programs to find the best outcomes for his constituents.
We thank him for his years of service and the many accomplishments that he has achieved on behalf of us all.

Thank you so much for your years of service. I am proud to say that I have met you and appreciate the short conversations we had. You are a true gentleman and have always put your constituents first. I hope that you and Mrs. Seward enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

In 1997, my family was in the midst of crisis. It would take too long to go into detail and not really necessary. The point is, one day I went to Senator Seward’s office here in Oneonta in a state of total desperation. I had no appointment. As a mother of three young children I needed serious help.
Senator Seward led me into his office, calmed me down and asked how he could help. He did not judge. He believed a wrong needed to be made right.
Within that hour he made a critical phone call that changed our family situation from horrific to manageable. From that day on, whenever my husband or I would meet him in the community he addressed us by name. He truly worked for the people of this community.

County Representative
As the elected state senator serving Otsego County for over three decades, Jim Seward put commitment to community first, and this effort was clearly illustrated by his advocacy and support for the nonprofit community.
In my 17 years working with Otsego County’s non-profits, Jim was visible at their events and responsive to the challenges they faced.
He understood the need for a strong partnership between government and nonprofits was essential to building a better Otsego County, and I thank him for setting this standard, which I strive to follow in my own role as an elected official for Otsego County.

Dutchess County Exec,
Former Assemblyman, 2018 Governor Candidate
If you look up the word gentleman in the dictionary you would find a picture of Jim Seward.
He has walked the halls of the state Capitol with a class and distinction that is rarely found in Albany these days. Jim has been an inspiration to me and to many in public service.
His dedication to serving the people of his district and New York State is a model upon which should be replicated by more who have dedicated their lives to service. Congratulations to Jim and his family as he embarks on the next chapter of a storied life.

State Senator,
“Senator Seward has big shoes to fill.” If I had a nickel for every time I heard that on the campaign trail, I could take care of the state deficit. I have known Jim for years and have watched him put on a master class in how a public servant should go about his business. His support has meant a great deal to me personally and I will now work to continue his strong legacy representing the people of our region. His advice to me, “never forget those you represent”. Senator Seward lived by those words for 34 years and we are all better off because of it.

Assistant Superintendent/Business (ret.)
Oneonta City School District
Senator Seward was a wonderful part of my life when I was employed by the Oneonta City School District. He was always available; if he was not in when I called, he always returned my calls.
I asked his advice and he gave. I asked for directions on how and where to get the best results, and he gave it. I was business manager and state aid and federal funding were complicated. His direction always got me where I needed to be His advice was an important part of my direction and my training during those years.
He showed me how to do it honest and right.
I consider him a friend. His infectious smile always made me feel at ease. I wish him a well-deserved retirement. Keep smiling!

Custom Electronics
When I first came to Custom Electronics in 2003, I asked for assistance from many people, including Senator Seward, who I had heard of before but did not know.
My boss then was Peter Dokuchitz, state assembly for four years in the late 1970s; Jim Seward had been on his staff.
Peter asked me to give Jim a call, I did, and within days Senator Seward visited me.
We talked about the state of the company and within two weeks he came back with a group from Albany, NYSERDA and SNSE for a tour.
With the senator in the middle monitoring the discussion, the visitors advised me what road to take and how they could assist me.
He is a true friend and a champion for our area. May God bless you, Senator!

Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, Inc

Senator Jim Seward has been a good neighbor and a good friend to Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, Inc. (ORHA) for over 34 years.
I remember an occasion three years ago when I was riding a crowded elevator in the state Senate’s office building in Albany.
A distinguished looking gentleman, whom everyone else in the elevator seemed to know and defer to, turned to me and wished me “good luck,” sensing that I was there for some kind of meeting with a legislator.
When I told him I was there to see Jim Seward, the gentleman smiled warmly and said “Ah, he’s the best!”

Kinney Memorial Library Director,

I would like to give a big thank you to Mr. Seward for ALL the work he has done for our communities. He ALWAYS did what he could for the local people, that’s where his heart was.
I would also like to thank him for ALL the work and money he secured for our local libraries. After all, they are the community centers of our towns.
When we were shut down for COVID it was sad, but as soon as we were able to open by placing the books in bags out on the porch, or by appointments, or by limiting people in, we helped by having 24/7 WI-FI also.
Mr. Seward knew we needed every penny he could get us. Times have been tough, but he was tougher. My heart and good wishes go out to you for a very happy and healthy retirement. YOU WILL BE MISSED.

NYCM Insurance
Jim, congratulations on your retirement from the New York State Senate. Your career is one to be very proud of. You have served the people of this district with conviction and fairness. You always traveled your district, attended so many events, and always had time to listen. Now it is time to sit down, relax and enjoy your family. I am proud to have known you for the 34 years you have served and proud to not only call you our senator, but also a friend. You will be missed in Albany.

Thank you for your many years of service to our District. We really appreciate your commitment to Otsego County and the Town of Maryland. Your kindness and care for our residents will not be forgotten. God bless you and your family.

Interim President
Otsego Chamber
Senator Seward, it has been an honor to watch you in action.
There has not been an endeavor that impacts Otsego County that you have not only been there to support, but a guiding force in its facilitation.
I have witnessed this personally on a broad range of projects, and your relentless pursuit to get to YES for this county is something those who want to make a difference should emulate.
Thank you so much for setting the bar high, and wish you the very best into the future!

Jim Seward was not only a mentor but a friend. From the time I met him I was struck by his demeanor and his ability to relate to the people that he was speaking to.
The senator’s many years in office, and the many accomplishments he can claim, not only helped the thousands of constituents in his district, but helped our communities through thick and thin.
His impact on the New York State Senate and the respect he garnered from both sides of the aisle, have proven that Jim Seward was part of a rare breed of politician, one who will always realize he was there to serve.

Cooperstown Trustee
Several years ago at Induction Weekend, the Volunteer Fire Department president was concerned because NYSEG had relocated the emergency service center, extending response times. He brought this up to me at a reception the evening before Induction Day. I sought out Jim at the reception and explained the concern. Jim said he would take care of it and indeed on Sunday there was a NYSEG crew available very close by to handle any problems.

Senator’s Children
Dear Dad,
We are so blessed to call you our father. You have always been there for our family, while serving the people of the 51st District. We cannot be more proud of the husband, father and grandfather that you are.
Since we were little, we watched you flourish in your career through your heart. You have shown us what sacrifice, hard work, strength, grace, and respect looks like.
Most importantly, you have shown us what it means to be selfless and kind. You have, and will always be, an inspiration to us. Congratulations on a wonderful career Dad!
Love, Ryan and Lauren

Assemblyman, District 102
In the late 1980s and early 90s I was Chairman and founder of the Schoharie County Young Republicans. One of my fondest memories from those days was working with Senator Jim Seward on his re-election.
On Election Day, we barnstormed across Schoharie County, going door to door to shore up any last-minute support. Working and learning from Senator Seward lit a fire in me and reaffirmed my true desire to serve the people of New York State.
Fast-forward to April 24, 2018. I was in a special Election for State Assembly. My friend and mentor, Senator Jim Seward, came to Greene County to speak at a get-out-the-vote rally. He addressed the roaring crowd, telling them how important it was that they get out the vote for me – the kid who 30 years before drove around with the senator, convincing voters to do exactly the same for him.

Cooperstown Mayor
Our village has benefited from your institutional knowledge, distinguished leadership and willingness to serve your constituents in an impartial and bipartisan manner. You were always willing to reach out to Democrat Bill Magee to serve our region. And let me add: There are seven Democrats on this Village Board and we felt very well represented by you.
I am glad that you were able to join us in May 2018, as we began our Doubleday project with an announcement of $1 million in state funding that you secured for us. And you were also able to join us for the dedication and groundbreaking for our new wastewater treatment plant in August 2019, for which you had secured $2 million in state funding.

Senator’s Granddaughter
A leader should be thoughtful and kind. That’s why I would be a great one. I would loan money to orphans and homeless people. I would make growing gardens for people.
I look up to my grandpa because he is a leader.
He is kind and caring.
He knows how to make people happy. That’s what a leader should be.

Chairman, Hyde Hall, Inc.
As the elected state senator serving Otsego County for over three decades, Jim Seward put commitment to community first, and this effort was clearly illustrated by his advocacy and support for the nonprofit community.
In my 17 years working with Otsego County’s nonprofits, Jim was visible at their events and responsive to the challenges they faced. He understood the need for a strong partnership between government and nonprofits was essential to building a better Otsego County, and I thank him for setting this standard as an elected official of Otsego County, which I strive to follow in my own role.
In his advocacy for local history and culture, Jim Seward has been a tireless and knowledgeable leader. He was instrumental in securing funds that advanced major restoration projects at Hyde Hall, a state-owned historic house on Otsego Lake, to the benefit of all the public. We are forever grateful for his support.

Former mayor, Cooperstown
A true leader, a forceful voice, a Son of Cooperstown, Senator Jim Seward has helped Cooperstown as a strong representative of our Village’s interests in Albany for his entire term. He brought us grants when we needed and, most importantly, supported our efforts to do the right thing in the area. He and Cindy have also been strong personal friends. He will always have a seat at the end of my kitchen counter, he will be forever welcome in my home and in this village. Jim epitomizes the phrase “Public Servant.”

Chair, State Federation
of College Republicans
I am proud to have grown up in a community that had Senator Jim Seward as one of its leaders. He has fought tirelessly for our local interests and always delivered for us.
Whether he was securing funding for important community projects or fighting against the tightening grip of NYC-focused politicians, our values had a voice with Jim Seward.

Artistic & General Director
The Glimmerglass Festival
One of the most wonderful friendships I have had during my time at Glimmerglass has been with Senator Jim Seward.
We have had many conversations about how the arts are a powerful magnet for tourism and cash for the local economy. Jim has always recognized that investment in cultural institutions pays dividends for all manner for local businesses, and we at Glimmerglass are grateful that he helped us secure funds to improve the facade of the theater, as well as to build our rehearsal hall.
Jim and Cindy are avid opera goers and it is always a welcome pleasure to see them in the audience.
I know we will continue to see them at Glimmerglass in the future, and perhaps they will attend even more often, now that Jim has a bit more time.

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