To Foil Virus, Small Group Of Volunteers Place Flags

To Foil Virus, Small Group

Of Volunteers Places Flags

A small group of Cooperstown Vets’ Club members, to lower any chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus, decorated hundreds of veterans’ graves over the past few days, to avoid using a larger cadre of volunteers that may have inadvertently spread the coronavirus. Six of them finished up this morning at Cooperstown’s Lakeview Cemetery. One of the volunteers, Jim Bridger, said that over the past week, the small group put flags at graves in the Fly Creek Cemetery, St. Mary’s cemeteries at Index and upper Main Street, and made a “75-mile road trip” to small cemeteries – many family graveyards – under the local post’s purview. Finishing at 10 today, some of the usual volunteers showed up, but accepted new Commander Floyd Bourne’s explanation that a different approach was necessary this year.  Decorating flags this morning were, from left, Bridger, Bourne, Mike Boyson, Dave Reese, Keith Balcolm and Dave Jackson.  Bourne said no local ceremony is planned this Memorial Day, which will be May 25.  (Jim Kevlin/

4 thoughts on “To Foil Virus, Small Group Of Volunteers Place Flags

  1. John S. Davis, M.D.

    A wonderful heartfelt action! But the photo shows no social distancing by the volunteers and only one wearing a mask.

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