Trampoline Debuts ‘We’re Onta Something’ 

Trampoline Debuts

‘We’re Onta Something’

Derek Slayton, partner and creative director with Trampoline Advertising and Design Co. officially unveiled the new branding for the new advertising campaign for Downtown Oneonta during a special event at the B-Side Ballroom this evening. Multiple mock-ups for promotional stickers, gift wrap, signage, shirts, bus wraps and more were on display so visitors could better grasp the campaign that will be rolled out in two weeks. At right, Slayton explains some of the ideas behind the design to Oneonta’s Michelle Catan and Maddy Silber. (Ian Austin/

One thought on “Trampoline Debuts ‘We’re Onta Something’ 

  1. Ned Brower

    I hope everyone realizes how quickly this will become “Oneonta: We’re on something.”

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