United Way Hosts First of Monthly Food Giveaway

You Need Food? 

United Way Has It

Valerie Adams, volunteer coordinator of United Way of Delaware Otsego, left, packs bags of fresh food from pallets donated by the Regional Food Bank as part of United Way’s first monthly distribution of food for those in need. With her is volunteer Tammy Clark. (Jennifer Hill/AllOTSEGO.com)

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

ONEONTA – You need food?  United Way of Delaware & Otsego Counties has it, no questions asked.

Working with Fidelis Cares and the Cooperstown Food Pantry, the local United Way today launched its first monthly mass food drive for those in need at North Eagle Beverages, which made its warehouse available for that purpose.

The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York delivered 12 pallets of food, which included fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.   These are products that are a few days from their expiration date and are being provided by Cooperstown.

“All people have to do is pull up to the front and we’ll give them two bags full of food,” United Way Executive Director Kim Lorraine said.  “There’s no paperwork, no questions.  Anyone can have food.”

Volunteers from a dozen local organizations, including Catholic Charities, Opportunities for Otsego, and ARC Otsego, filled blue bags from Catholic Charities with food in North Eagle Beverages’ large warehouse, brought them to the front entrance, and readied them for pickup.

Each car or person picked up one bag filled with either potatoes or sweet potatoes and one bag filled with combined fresh produce, which included lettuce, grapes, and cauliflower, meat, and yogurt or sour cream.

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