Vacation Drive Brings Antique Cars to Cooperstown

Vacation Drive Brings
Antique Cars to Cooperstown

For one day only the antique cars of the Freedom Road Rally are visiting Cooperstown. Currently parked at the Cooperstown Trolley Yellow Lot these cars are on the last leg of their journey around New York State. Led by Scott Dorsey, this road trip group began their New York Tour in Syracuse, NY, and traveled up the Western Side of NY, around the North side and down the east side visiting attractions along the way like Boldt Castle, Fort Ontario, the Wild Center, and now The Baseball Hall of Fame and the Farmers’ Museum. The group will have driven over 750 miles just this week.

‘The Concept was we wanted the people to feel the freedom of being out on the open road and seeing the sites and enjoying the beauty of the country’ Mr. Dorsey said of the group which has visited everywhere from the Midwest to Canada and now New York State. The drivers come from all over the country including Florida, Montana, Texas, and even from Ontario, Canada. Passersby often mistake them as driving to a car show and when asked Mr. Dorsey just says ‘Wherever we turn off the key.

The tour is open to cars made pre-1974 or to ‘In The Spirit Of The Event’ cars like modern sports cars. Some cars currently at the Yellow Lot are old mustangs, modern sports cars, and classics from the 60s. The oldest car currently parked at the Yellow Lot is a 1948 Nash.

One question Mr. Dorsey gets asked a lot is ‘Where is the car show?’ His response is always ‘Wherever we turn off the key.

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