WALKER: Markusen Will Communicate

WALKER:  Markusen Will Communicate

To the Editor:

The time is now. Over the past few years, our Cooperstown Central school board has been in decline. Lack of communication. Lack of regard for the public (aka, the people who hired them). They are completely out of touch with the people of this district. Scandal after scandal the Board has continued on a backwards course.

There is only one solution to the problem. We need someone who will talk one on one with the people. We need someone who puts what WE need first. We need someone that can be a catalyst for improving communication and understanding between the board and district residents.

That person is Bruce Markusen.

Bruce has worked in education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame for over eight years. He has also been actively involved in the school community, announcing at girls’ basketball games since 2001 and doing classroom engagement activities with elementary students.

Bruce had almost a three-hour-long meeting with me, discussing student concerns, exchanging ideas and, most importantly, he listened. This district most importantly needs someone who takes responsibility and get things done. Blaming mistakes on the evils of modern technology or social media doesn’t solve anything.

I really enjoy elections like this because they’re never about politics. This is solely about what’s best for our school and school district and it’s an election where, regardless of party, we can all band together for one candidate. So, for all of you who expressed outrage with me at the board over the past year, I offer my full endorsement of Bruce Markusen for CCS Board of Education and I hope you will consider casting a vote for him on May 16 as well.


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