WELCH: Hurricane Proof Mobile Homes

Letter from Gerry Welch

Hurricane Proof Mobile Homes

Ian’s devastating toll on mobile homes suggests that mobile home building codes need to be upgraded to be hurricane-resistant.

It would be easier to manufacture mobile homes more safely than conventionally-built homes. Reinforced framing with impact-resistant siding and windows should be code. To counter storm surge or rising water, design the chassis to attach to four steel poles, ground secured, with hydraulic lifts to raise and lower the home. Safe haven in storms. Government subsidies would enhance deployment.

Gerry Welch

One thought on “WELCH: Hurricane Proof Mobile Homes

  1. Drew P Weiner

    Lol, well said gary, I could see a whole, 1500 mobile home park,a few blocks from seaside in Florida, all deploying their hydraulic lifts, let’s say 8 or 10 feet so to get a better ocean view! Would do wonders for the property value!

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