WHELAN: Not Militia? Then You’re Out Of Luck

Letter From Mary Anne Whelan

Not Militia?

Then You’re Out Of Luck

To the Editor:

Could the proponents of this silly idea please tell us what portion of the NYS ‘SAFE ACT” conflicts with the Second Amendment? Actually, I doubt they know what either the Second Amendment or the Safe Act says.

Are they members of a well-regulated Militia, on which opening clause everything else in the Second Amendment depends? If not, they have no rights to the exercise of the Second Amendment whatsoever.


One thought on “WHELAN: Not Militia? Then You’re Out Of Luck

  1. Michael Clare

    The problem with your interpretation of the Second Amendment is,that you have no idea what you are saying.
    First it is settled law and precedent that according to DC V Heller in 2008. The decision established that the Second Amendment is an individual right to bear arms in one’s home. Check it out for yourself at https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/07pdf/07-290.pdf.
    Also not only is the NYS “Unsafe act” unconstitutional the the NYS pistol permit law is also unconstitutional, because it does not allow anyone to own a handgun in your home without a permit.
    We will see what the Court rules on the current NYS case before now.

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