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Worrisome Facebook Post Says,

‘Drain Swamp In Cooperstown’

This was the Facebook posting considered worrisome enough to move the Otsego County Board of Representatives from its usual chambers to the greater security of the county courthouse and to ask County Richard J. Devlin Jr. to provide a special security contingent at today’s county board meeting.  When Bob Force arrived to attend the meeting, his vehicle was searched for weapons, but nothing was found.  Force, who lost his Gilbertsville home and farm in the 2014 tax auction, then delivered a prepared presentation to county reps, criticizing them for what happened to him.



  1. I attended this meeting, and I saw nothing out of order. Perhaps, it was that Mr. Force was there to address the Board and his concerns as to how the taking of his property for unpaid taxes, as was Ms. Agello who has been at many board meetings asking the board to review how her property, as well as Mr. Forces, was taken.
    I have been hearing about this matter since Mr. Robert Force, and Ms. Agello lost their properties to the county several years ago for none payment of taxes by press accounts, and on the street.
    Hearing Mr. Force today, and his accounting of the matter today, gave me pause. The public need to know the facts of this matter. Did Mr. Force and Ms. Agello, actually have the money, and try to pay their taxes before the auction to sell took place. I do believe it is time for the county to publicly bring this matter to the citizens of our county. We need to know all of the facts, including an explanation of how the current law applied in these two cases. If the letter of the law was followed, then it is wrong and needs to be changed, taking of one’s property in this circumstance I consider a travesty, and tests the intent of our citizens constitutional rights.

  2. The Board members were so concerned over a term that they brought out extra court security and sheriffs? I gues they do not understand what the term #DrainTheSwamp means.
    The term means to vote OUT, to REMOVE and REPLACE those in office who are NOT following the laws and resolutions, are acting inappropriately and even more so, ABUSING their power to make decisions that can either make or break individuals lives.
    I guess loosing their seats and their control would be a fearful thing to them.

  3. I also feel compelled to point the county taxpayers and residents to the following link that is directly off of the Otsego County’s own web page. Consider the following link which includes a letter response from the Deputy Chair Mr. Frazier where he very clearly states that if the excess money owed on these properties was returned to the original owner in 2014 instead of the county making $299,967 we would have lost $ 250,461. By this statement it is very clear that the Treasurer and the entire Board of Representatives in office during this period failed to do their fiduciary duty to the residents of the county and set appropriate reserves and requirements that all properties be sold for what was owed on them.

    In closing I am stating my support for a new, more responsible and responsive board. My vote on November 7th will be for Ms. Nardi

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