New License Plates Called ‘Money Grab’


New License Plates

Called ‘Money Grab’

County Clerk Sinnott Gardner Urges

Drivers To Complain To Governor

Governor Cuomo has asked New Yorkers to vote on a new license plate design. The Otsego County clerk says its an attempt to shift the cost of a DMV mistake onto drivers.
Sinnott Gardner

COOPERSTOWN – The Cuomo Administration’s plans to replace New York State license plates is an “unnecessary money grab,” County Clerk Kathy Sinnott Gardner declared in a public statement.

The new license plates will cost all New York drivers $25.  If you want to keep your current plate, you will have to pay $45.

“In other words,” Sinnott Gardner said, “if you want to keep your plate number, you will pay a total of $45 … This fee is absolutely unnecessary – they are making New York State drivers pay for their bad business deal with their vendors.”

There is a problem with New York license plates: The paint on the blue and gold license plates bubbles up, peels and becomes illegible, she said.  Since it was a problem of production, not the customer, the state Department of Motor Vehicles has been replacing them free of charge.

On Aug. 19, however, Governor Cuomo announced a contest to select the replacement license plate, which will cost $25, shifting the cost of the DMV’s mistake to New Yorkers.

“I would strong encourage everyone to contact the governor’s office and their state senators and assemblymen to express theri opposition to this unfair money grab,” said Gardner.  “Don’t wait until it happens, voice your opinion now.”

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