28 COVID Cases Reported Saturday, Sunday

28 COVID-19 Cases

Surface On Weekend

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COOPERSTOWN – COVID-19 numbers continue to climb in the county, with 28 cases reported over the weekend, according to Heidi Bond, Otsego County Public Health Director.

11 cases were reported Saturday, Nov. 21 and 17 were reported today, Bond noted in her daily press release. According to the NY Forward Dashboard, Otsego County currently has a 1.1 percent average positivity rate, with 600 people tested yesterday.

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, Bassett Healthcare issued an advisory against travel and gatherings, and reminding that current state guidelines advise no more than 10 people gathering at a time in a private setting.

“We understand that this year has been stressful and isolating, and there’s nothing we’d all like more than to be able to connect with our loved ones this holiday season,” the hospital wrote. “As hard as it is, we must remain vigilant and continue to practice social distancing to keep others safe.”

If gatherings are being held, mask wearing, frequent hand-washing and social distancing are advised.

One thought on “28 COVID Cases Reported Saturday, Sunday

  1. Donald Campbell

    I totally agree with Bassett Healthcare on issuing an advisory for Thanksgiving. For many of us, it serves as a nice reminder.
    Unfortunately, there are also many people that will just ignore the reminder and do as they please. Referring to those people………YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!

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