6th Ward Receives Proclamation

6th Ward Receives Proclamation

L to R: Assemblyman John Salka, Frank Russo

The 6th Ward Booster Club Playground was recognized over the weekend with a proclamation presented by Assemblyman John Salka.

Organized by Bill Shue (former Alderman), founding members, families and neighbors, there was a gathering at the 6th Ward Booster Club Playground Pavilion on Scramling Avenue in Oneonta.

“We are recognizing the 75 years of commitment to the community of Oneonta,” Mr. Salka said. “We present this proclamation to Frank Russo, President of the 6th Ward Booster Club Playground.

Mr. Russo thanked the founding members and those who have and currently support the club. “If it weren’t for them, none of this would be here today,” Mr. Russo said.

“Congratulations to the 6th Ward Booster Club,” Mark Drnek, Mayor of Oneonta said. “While enhancing the quality of life in the ward, you’ve become a model of community engagement and support and an example to the rest of the city.

Thank you for your commitment to the neighborhood, and to the improvement of life in Oneonta.”

In 1947 residents of the 6th Ward had a dream to turn the John Todd Gardens & Berry Farm into the playground.

“6th Warders held paper and bottle drives to raise the funds to purchase the property,” Mr. Russo said. “We have been so fortunate to have this piece of property where the community can come together.”

This site has been the host of carnivals, circuses, car and truck shows, school and college events, youth sports, adult sports (many remember former 6th Ward lighted fast pitch field), OBGC events, YMCA Junior Firefighter, celebrity concerts and much more.

A firetruck is part of the 6th Ward playground.

“It’s been a great gathering spot for all kinds of activities,” Mr. Russo said. “It’s currently the home of Oneonta Little League.”

“I’m proud to carry on this long-standing tradition of having a place where the kids can play, where kids begin learning sports and keeping this large open space for community events to be held,” Mr. Russo said. “There is no other neighborhood like it and the 6th Ward has a lot of pride!”

“A big thanks to those who had the dream, those who continue to support the mission and to those who were able to attend!” he said.

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