738 Customers Still Out Of Power After Yesterday’s Tornado


738 Customers Still

Out Of Power After

Yesterday’s Tornado

Twenty-four hours after a tornado hammered Otsego County, knocking down trees and creating hundreds of outages, 728 customers are still without power this hour, NYSEG reports.

Most of the outages were in the county’s northwest quadrant, from Fly Creek north to Springfield and west to Edmeston.

While restorations are progressing as quickly and safely as possible, the county said, there are still “a few isolated customers” in Otsego County, as well as Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Greene, Herkimer, Lewis, Madison, Oneida,  Schoharie and Ulster counties.

The power may be restored by early Sunday morning, the company said.

Complicating restoration efforts are a high number of incidents impacting only one or two customers. Crews will continue their work throughout the evening and overnight period and until every customer is restored.

Recognizing the NY PAUSE has many residents sheltered at home,  the company asks customers to observe a six-foot social distance if they must be near our workers and always remain outside the work zone.

Allowing our crews to remain uninterrupted and focused on our work enables workers to determine damage and make repairs more quickly. The company is also coordinating response efforts with state and local emergency management officials.

2 thoughts on “738 Customers Still Out Of Power After Yesterday’s Tornado

  1. Hector Sanchez

    Where was this tornado? I’ve heard no other reports of a tornado that “hammered” an entire county.

  2. Karen Anderson

    Good question, Hector. I have looked all over the internet for this report of a tornado on May 15. All I can see is that there was cleanup in Fly Creek and Richfield Springs. I got the warning while I was driving in Oneonta near Southside Mall, but never figured out where it was!

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