All GOP County Reps Ready To Run Again

All GOP County Reps

Ready To Run Again

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Dan Wilber

COOPERSTOWN – All Republican members of the county Board of Representatives plan to run again this fall, according to Dan Wilber, R-Burlington, who has been designated to recruit candidates.

Wilber said his goal is also to run Republicans, who now control six of the 14 districts, in all district seats now held by Democrats.

Democrats control seven districts, although – with Conservative Meg Kennedy voting mostly with Republicans – they lack control of the board.

At a Zoom caucus last Thursday, the incumbents planning to run again are Ed Frazier, District 1, Unadilla; Rick Brockway, District 3, West Laurens; Jennifer Mickle, District 6, Town of Maryland; chairman David Bliss, District 7, R-Cooperstown/Town of Middlefield; Keith McCarty, District 9, East Springfield, and Wilber himself, District 10.

The first day for circulating is tomorrow, March 2.  Any primaries will be June 22.   Election Day this year is Nov. 2.

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