Alpacas, Sheep Found Dead on New Lisbon Farm

Alpacas, Sheep Found

Dead In New Lisbon;

Farmer Faces Charges

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – A farmer was arrested after Otsego County Sheriff’s deputies, responding to a neighbor’s concern about animal cruelty, found dead animals on his New Lisbon farm.

Christopher M. D’Amato, 54, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after deputies were called to the scene, where, while walking around the property, observed dead sheep and alpacas, deputies said.

Other farm animals, including horses, were found to be neglected, they added.

“The owner had some health issues, but that doesn’t excuse the conditions these animals were kept in,” said Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. “People should know by now that you can call for help.”

D’Amato was told to bury the deceased animals, and several animals were removed from the farm by a friend to tend. Two horses, which Devlin said were found to be in “good shape” remained on the farm. However, Devlin said, a deputy would check in frequently to make sure the owner continued to take care of them.

The owners was charged with with overdriving, torturing and injuring animals, and failure to provide proper sustenance under Ag & Markets Law 353.  He was released on an appearance ticket.

“I don’t think the penalties are harsh enough,” said Devlin.

8 thoughts on “Alpacas, Sheep Found Dead on New Lisbon Farm

  1. Nancy

    Absolutely not , just like any pet or even kids call someone for help , someone would have taken them and taken care of them . No punishment bad enough 😡

  2. Maria

    Authorities should take this more seriously..if they had done more when several complaints were made,maybe they would not had suffered and had a fighting chance.

  3. Chip Northrup

    In Texas, livestock cruelty is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 fine per occurrence. The owner is lucky he’s a New Yorker, where livestock cruelty is a misdemeanor, same as graffiti.

  4. Morgan

    This is ridiculous! The two horses were not even removed from his property. The sherrif claims that they are “fat and taken care of.” So the man can murder 20+ sheep, alpacas, pigs, and chickens from starvation and HE GETS TO KEEP TWO HORSES? Are you kidding me? This is a huge injustice. Those two ponies are being sentenced to death.

  5. Maureen Dill

    For many months we have heard accounts of the animal neglect and cruelty at this Garrattsville property. We were also told that M/M D’Amato operate their “animal farm” as a nonprofit 501c3 tax exempt organization. If this is indeed true, then the authorities in Albany and Washington DC need to be informed. It’s also been reported that they were “asked to leave” their last locations in other towns in our region. We certainly hope that the New Lisbon judge will hold D’Amato to account, as it was also reported he had “failed to appear” for his prior charges! We are grateful to know that Sheriff Devlin has launched an animal cruelty investigation organization in Otsego County! C’mon folks! We’re better than that! This neglect and cruelty must not be allowed to continue! D’Amato is no more a “farmer” than the coyotes that live up our hill!

  6. Candi Ramer

    Round and round we go. This type of horror story will continue until the CRIME
    and subsequent punishment are sufficient and suitable in a civilized society.

  7. normano1952

    I wonder if his neighbors went to him, to see if they could help. This is a horrible crime, and there is no excuse. If you can’t feed them, can’t tend to them, then sell them.

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