ANDERSON: Much In Country Today Requires Self-Protection


Much In Country Today

Requires Self-Protection

To the Editor:

By happenstance I picked up the Feb. 6 copy of Hometown Oneonta. In it, I found letters to the editor about a topic I am profoundly concerned about: my freedom, as protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Clearly these letter writers have somehow missed a few very important points about life in these United States. And by that I think they may have slept through their civics and constitutional classes while still in school.

The Constitution was written – and continues to be – the LIMITING Document, which defines the line that those working for US in government may not cross. The line is likewise defined by our Bill of Rights. There are many in government who choose to irresponsibly ignore those lines and have used all means possible to make “the people” forget all about them.

They and their operatives have managed to infiltrate our nation’s schools – increasingly so, for the last 100 or more years, incrementally erasing, in steps, the teaching of civics and accurate history. A child who is not educated as to their rights knows not what they are. Karl Marx knew that, and so did so many tyrants of the 20th century.

There have been over 20,000 “gun laws” written by this government in the last 100 years or more, and not a one has made you one bit safer, or stopped, violent crime. In fact, most of them are not enforced or serve the proper prescribed punishments upon the law-Breakers.

Instead, to gather votes to further their own careers, politicians grandstand by “fighting crime” by imposing new “laws” on the law-abiding. Criminals on the other hand, by their very job description, IGNORE laws, and indeed sometimes use the law’s existence to their advantage. This “job description” very much includes POLITICIANS. Because these politicians took an OATH and accepted the responsibility to defend the Constitution and our citizens, and then FAILED to do their job, Americans are plagued with

• Unvetted aliens entering our country – by the millions. Many of whom who have already proved our “leaders” wrong, by murdering American citizens

• Rampant Voter FRAUD – deliberately foisted upon the trusting populace by greedy power-hungry and seditious socialists, whose sole aim is to destroy this Republic.

• Shuttered state mental hospitals – asylums for the insane – thus turning out the mentally insane into our society.

•And on Jan. 1 of this year in New York, the governor managed to open the incarceration floodgates to allow 60 percent or more of NY’s criminals to “get out of jail free” – RIGHT OUT INTO OUR SOCIETY.

Politicians like this have made a mockery of our founding fathers and the thousands of brave Americans who gave their lives for American’s freedom.

IN ADDITION, they themselves created the environment where now more than ever, citizens NEED to be armed for protection against those they themselves turned loose within our society. Give up our guns? I think not, thank you.



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