Arrest Made In Center City Burglaries

Man, 29, Arrested

After Burglary ‘Rash’

In City, Chief Reports

ONEONTA – After a rash of burglaries in the city, an Oneonta man has been arrested for stealing cash, credit cards and personal items from two homes and a vehicle in Center City, OPD Chief Doug Brenner said this morning.

Kyle A. Ives, 29, was arrested after police allegedly connected him to a series of break-ins last week. “With one arrest, we were able to solve three cases,” Brenner said.

He allegedly took credit cards and personal items, as well as less than $100 in cash from the houses and cars. “He took change from the cars and a jar of change,” said Brenner. “It’s a quick grab.”

The personal items were all recovered, said Brenner.

Ives was charged with two counts of burglary in the second degree, two counts of grand larceny – for the credit cards, said Brenner – and one count of petit larceny.

According to Brenner, police are still seeking suspects in the break-ins at the Hospice and Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans thrift stores last weekend. “We don’t believe Ives is tied to the Main Street burglaries,” he said.

One thought on “Arrest Made In Center City Burglaries

  1. Leo Szymanski

    So, Kyle is going to prison for A JAR OF CHANGE!! He is a legend in his own mind, he STAYS in protective custody over at the jail, he is a sneak thief, and a Lot of people are out to get him. I’m really not surprised, he’s back, 3 hots and a cot, just what he was looking for!! I’m glad those people got their personal things back! This is his third of fourth time in prison, but he’s never gotten more then 3 years!! Last I saw him he ratted out another inmate for smuggling something into the jail, and he did that so he could get a cell facing the parking lot!! His girlfriend was going there to see him, and another guy was taking her there!! Yeah As The Jail Turnslll

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