Arrest Made In Franklin Dogfighting Case

Arrest Made In

Dog Fighting Case

SIDNEY – Sheriff Craig S. DuMond has announced that a Franklin man has been arrested in the case of 20 dogs  “inappropriately held and neglected for the purpose of dog fighting,” according to release sent this morning by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department.

Details about the arrest will be announced during a press conference at 11 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 14 at the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, where several of the dogs are being cared for following the seizure from the home last week.

7 thoughts on “Arrest Made In Franklin Dogfighting Case

  1. Janice Kov

    I’m glad he’s caught… I can’t really say what I would like so ill leave it to the prison system to
    to giving this guy what he’s got coming to him!

  2. TMS

    Worth noting for elected officials involved in this case: regardless of party affiliation, animal lovers will remember who steps up & follows through on the investigation, prosecution & conviction of this individual. This is not the time to drop the ball! People will remember “The Franklin 20” when elections come ‘ round again. Count on it!

  3. Lori Rynkiewicz

    They need to suffer as much as these poor babies have. I hope Karma hits them hard and full force. So angry with the so-called Human Race.

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