As Justice Is Sworn In, Protesters Recall RGB

As Justice Is Sworn In,

Protesters Recall RBG

Cooperstown March Ends At Courthouse

As Amy Coney Barrett prepared for her swearing-in as a U.S. Supreme Court justice in Washington, D.C., Carina Franck, left, and Meg Kiernan led off a march a few minutes ago from Cooperstown Village Hall, up Main Street to the county courthouse.  Susie Knight, inset, carries a sign that captures the message:  “RGB Cannot RIP.”  The message contrasts the legacy of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a supporter of Roe v. Wade who died last month, with Judge Barrett, her replacement, who is expected to be more open to abortion curbs.  Annually for 10 years before COVID, Justice Ginsburg led an “Opera and the Law” presentation at the Glimmerglass Festival.   (Jim Kevlin/

2 thoughts on “As Justice Is Sworn In, Protesters Recall RGB

  1. David Pearlman

    The party of McConnell and Trump, once known as the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, has now succeeded in reducing our government from three to two branches. The legislative, with a senate that is terribly unfair in its proportionate representation, and the executive, to which the Supreme Court is now but a useful tool to strip Americans of constitutional and human rights. The “American Experiment” is on a ventilator and the plug is being pulled.

  2. Alan Holcombe

    Mr. Pearlman seems to have happily forgotten which political party was, and still is, instrumental in stripping late term children of their constitutional and human rights. I guess, these children don’t count for much in Mr. Pealman’s view…

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