At GOP HQ, High Spirits


At GOP HQ, High Spirits

Otsego County Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. receives a hug from his wife Laurie and good wishes from friends and family a few minutes ago at Republican election headquarters in Cooperstown after learning he had turned back a GOP primary challenge from retired state trooper Bob Fernandez, 1,700-1,316. Asked if he had a message for voters, Devlin said, “I’m very pleased with their support. This shows I am doing my job properly. Now, we’ll gear up for the general.” Devlin will face off again in the general election Nov. 6 against Fernandez, who has obtained the Democratic ballot line. (Jim Kevlin/

One thought on “At GOP HQ, High Spirits

  1. Michael Patrick

    I find it ironic that Devlin claims the support of the people is indicative of him “doing his job right.” Meanwhile he was plagued with the scandal of his son threatening to shoot our children here in Otsego county. I mean how functional of a living situation could he possibly come from, if this is his natural inclination; to threaten children? What was more concerning than even that; his defense of his son and subsequently stalling to make the obvious choice (he should have made earlier) to recuse himself from the investigation, before it being forcefully suggested. Granted, this just proves that the Republican party locally is a good representation of the federal. What I mean to say is, in an upstate county plagued with a less than intelligent Republican voter base; its no surprise to see his support stubbornly holding on, despite being plagued with scandal. One could say, as it is at home, so it is nationally. Considering the amount of buffoonery occurring in Washington DC; scandals, corruption, and incompetence rampant. Its not surprising, but it certainly is not indicative of a job well done. However, it could be indicative of the major failures of the American educational system. See you in November.

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