At Hearing, Delgado Urges Rural Broadband Expansion

At Hearing, Delgado Urges

Rural Broadband Expansion

WASHINGTON At today’s Small Business Committee hearing on under-served businesses, U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado, D-19th, said rural broadband needs to be expanded so businesses can prosper in Upstate New York.

“In parts of my district, I drive by large signs that read, ‘broadband coming soon.’ It’s a sight that is hard to imagine in New York, in the USA, in the 21st Century,” Delgado stated.

“…In today’s global economy, it’s unthinkable that startup businesses, mom and pop shops, young students, small dairy farmers, and innovative sustainable agriculture operations are being left behind because of where they live and operate.”

Unfortunately, it’s not just the broadband issue that makes it difficult for rural businesses to prosper. The location of these businesses makes it difficult enough for growth without added problems. Fortunately, many rural businesses are eligible for USDA loans (such as this usda loan florida opportunity) to obtain needed credit to grow and create jobs in their local area. This may help many rural businesses with the economic issues they face.

Committee hearing witness Michael Romano of the NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association agreed that workable broadband access is a key priority, and pointed to 100MB as a desired standard.

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