Atlanta Braves President Gets Orientation At Hall

Schuerholz In ’17 Induction Class

Atlanta Braves President

Gets Orientation At Hall

2017 Inductee John Schuerholz, left, chats with Erik Strohl, vice president/exhibitions & collections, during the former Atlanta Braves president’s orientation visit this morning at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Behind him are plaques of “buddies” he worked with during his MLB career.  The inductee worked for the Baltimore Orioles in 1966-69 before becoming the GM for the Kansas City Royals in 1981-90, then GM with the Braves in 1990-07, when he was promoted to president. “The epitome of my career was when Jane (Clark) called me at 5:13 p.m. when I was in my hotel room in Maryland and told me, ‘John, you’ve been elected into the Hall of Fame’.” During his visit, Schuerholz signed his name on a marker showing where his plaque will be, an innovation this year.  Induction is July 30. (Emily Murphy/

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