Bassett Gives Trooper Community Hero Award

Bassett Gives Trooper

Community Hero Award

Lieutenant Garrett Saved Heart Attack Victim
State Police Lt. Michael Garrett was presented with the Community Hero Award from Bassett Hospital Friday, Dec. 7,  for saving a heart-attack victim Nov. 2 in Richfield Springs.  With him are members of the Emergency Services Team, from left, Jonathan Flyte, vice president/Facilities Planning; Jessica Schatzel, executive assistant; Jeanne Payne, network director of Emergency Services; Matthew Kleinmaier, MD; Robert Gollhofer, network VP of Operational Excellence; Garrett; Brinton Mueller, network program director of Emergency Preparedness; Patricia Conklin, assistant nurse manager; Harold Southworth, network director of Public Safety; AJ Zuk, manager of Security Operations; Samantha Belden, nurse manager, and Krista Cotton, administrative support specialist.

COOPERSTOWN – On Nov. 2, State Police Lt. Michael Garrett responded to a call for help at the Richfield Springs post office, where a 70-year-old woman had collapsed and was in cardiac arrest.

“When the call came in and I heard the age of the victim, it was about the same age as my mother, and I hoped to be able to help in some way,” said Garrett. “I arrived on the scene with another trooper and my training kicked in.

“Fortunately, a few civilians on the scene took quick action and initiated CPR moments before my arrival. I grabbed the trauma bag from the trooper’s vehicle, assessed the condition of the victim and began use of the automated external defibrillator (AED).”

Use of the AED succeeded in restarting the patient’s heart and she was rushed to Bassett Hospital where the team in the emergency department took over.

“Lieutenant Garrett’s quick use of the AED on Nov. 2 was life-saving for this patient,” says Dr. Matthew Kleinmaier, senior attending physician in the emergency department. “Our partnership with first responders is critically important; they are first on the scene to help people experiencing a medical emergency in the field and a vital link in patient care.”

Bassett presented Garrett with a Community Hero Award for “dedication and service to a community through quick action in the deployment of AED usage to save the life of a resident in the community.”

Garrett says it was rewarding to learn later that day that the patient was up and talking and doing OK.

“We are out there fighting the good fight, but it doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like…This recent emergency had a good outcome and that is always what we hope for,” he said, “I appreciate the recognition by Bassett Medical Center and the relationship-building with first responders.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Being retired from the New York State Police I can only say I’m proud to hear of a brother who responds in a positive way. Congrats Lieutenant Garrett.

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