Bassett Schedules Vaccination Clinic Saturday At Clark


Bassett Schedules

Vaccination Clinic

Saturday At Clark

In a noontime press briefing convened by Bassett President/CEO Tommy Ibrahim, top, the network’s pharmacy director, Kelly Rudd, left, announced Bassett Healthcare Network will provide vaccinations to the public at its first public clinic 8 a.m.-1 p.m. this Saturday at the Clark Sports Center, Cooperstown.  Register later this afternoon by clicking here.  “Given the limited supply of vaccine, we know appointments will for the community clinic will fill up immediately,” Rudd said.  “Individuals must register through the state’s COVID-19 vaccination portal, using the ‘Am I eligible’ app, and we anticipate that a link to the state’s portal will be live later this afternoon.”  (Jim Kevlin/

9 thoughts on “Bassett Schedules Vaccination Clinic Saturday At Clark

  1. Barbara Dillon

    Why does the subscribe message keep coming up. You have my info to subscribe. This happens often. Very annoying. Please subscribe for a year.

  2. Richard Gerber

    My wife and I have already registered following the states information. I will attempt to do so again as the confusion continues.

  3. Edith Colton

    The registration process is one reason there is frustration amoung all of us tryiung to get an appointment. Why not allow us to print the appointment form and then search for an appointment. The date, time and place could be written onto that form with the confirmation number.

    How many times have you filled out a form to learn the appointment you selected was no longer available?

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