Bassett Staff To Aide In Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Bassett Team To Aid

In Puerto Rico Relief

Bassett Hospital is sending a four-volunteer team to Puerto Rico to help in the territory’s recovery from Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the island last September. Registered Nurse Anna Buell, left; Celeste Johns, the chief of psychiatry, center, and Johns’ husband Dr. Chris Kjolhede, pediatrician, are preparing to depart for the island of Vieques, just east of the main island.  The fourth member, RN Rachel Gaston, wasn’t available at a press briefing this morning.   The team will provide pediatric and general medical care, and PTSD counseling to locals who most likely haven’t had access to health care since the hurricane hit.  Two sister United Methodist churches – Fly Creek and Schuyler Lake’s – are also supporting the effort.   (Parker Fish/

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