Bound Volumes 1-27-22

Bound Volumes

Pocket Book Found! Picked up between Moss’ store in Burlington and DeForests’ tavern in Edmeston on Wednesday the 25th—a Red Morrocco Pocket Book; a good deal worn, containing a number of notes and a small sum of money. The owner can have it again by proving property and paying charges. Roswell Patterson.
January 25, 1812

The public have a claim upon every Journalist, for a faithful epitome of the proceedings of their representatives in the national and state legislatures; to do which, requires no inconsiderable effort of an editor. Our abstract, of the doings of the state legislature, is made with much care from the report of the Albany Argus, and embraces weekly, all the proceedings of the two houses of general interest. We ought not to do less than give such a diary, although it costs much time and diminishes the variety of matter usually expected to be embodied in our sheet.
January 30, 1837

Our Village Charter – That the present Village Charter, first enacted 50 years ago, and last amended more than 30 years ago, is not well suited to the present day, is a fact that has been recognized for several years past; and, at the last village meeting, a resolution was passed instructing the trustees to prepare and report an amended Charter, previous to its being sent to the legislature for its enactment. That work has been carefully performed, and the trustees submitted the result of their labors to a meeting of citizens held three weeks ago, when the Charter was first read. Two meetings, for more full deliberation, have since been held. At the last one, a committee of five was appointed, to whom the amended Charter was referred.
January 24, 1862

The good road question is of paramount interest to the people of Cooperstown. The popularity of the automobile and our excellent hotel accommodations are bringing increasing numbers of visitors to Cooperstown each year, and we can do a great deal toward attracting this very desirable class of summer trade by using our influence toward the improvement of the highways. The road along the east side of the lake was in a deplorable condition during a larger part of last summer.
January 24, 1912

Under a new law enacted in 1935, all towns in the state are to have voting machines by 1938. Progress in this direction has been slow all over upstate New York, but several towns placed orders last year to escape an increase of $80 in the price of the machine which now sells for $960.
Ten towns in Otsego County have purchased 21 new voting machines from the Automatic Voting Machine Company of Jamestown. The towns getting new voting machines include Edmeston, Hartwick, Worcester, Otego, Otsego, Butternuts, Laurens, Roseboom, Maryland and Plainfield. Five new machines have been ordered for the Town of Otsego.
January 27, 1937

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