Bound Volumes 12/23/21

Bound Volumes

Advertisement – Millinary (sic), Miss Smith informs the public that she has commenced the Millinary business in a part of the store formerly occupied by Cory & Cook; where she has just received from New York the latest fashions for Velvet Jockies, Winter, Straw and Silk Hats, Turbans, etc, which will be sold at the most reduced prices for cash. Cooperstown.
December 21, 1811

To our Readers we tender, most cordially and sincerely, “the compliments of the season” wishing them individually all the happiness and prosperity which can possibly be theirs in this time of national sorrow and peril. That we may emerge from the dark cloud which now overshadows us, a wiser and better people, will be the devout prayer of every heart. May its realization be near at hand.
Notice – Hereafter, divine service will be held in the Presbyterian Church on Sabbath evenings. Next Sabbath evening in the Church, (not Session room), a discourse will be delivered to Young Men by the Pastor, Rev. S.W. Bush, the first of a series, titled “Formation of Character, Honesty.”
December 20, 1861

Where Nature Smiles – Ode to the Bicentennial – Hark the herald angels sing of this bicentennial fling. Been on earth 200 years – should we give 200 cheers? Celebrations all this year; we have had it up to here! History, our glorious past – how much longer can it last? Hark the herald angels sing of this bicentennial fling. Tourists come and tourists go. How much history do they know? Have they heard of William Cooper and his dream, a vision super? Could it be the Hall of Fame is the reason that they came? Not because they read “Deerslayer,” but to see their favorite player. Hark the herald angels sing of this bicentennial fling. There’s been growth and building galore, from the forest to the shore. Subdivision it would seem, has become the major theme. Yet one thing is still quite clear, Cooperstown remains, year after year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year – the Ellsworths.
December 24, 1986

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