Bound Volumes 12-30-21

Bound Volumes

We present our kind readers with the compliments of the season. The good Apostle said, “Is any man afflicted, let him pray; is any merry, let him sing psalms.” “A Merry Christmass” is reciprocally given and received, and we sincerely hope that few or none will be otherwise than “merry and wise,” and not “merry and sad,” as we fear is sometimes the case with the inconsiderate. Such seem to have forgotten the intent of rejoicing on the anniversary of the birth of our savior. They deserve our pity but not our approbation.
December 28, 1811

Rev. Mr. Boardman delivered an earnest temperance discourse in his own pulpit on Sunday evening last, and though all his hearers may not have fully coincided with all the views put forth by him, probably none of them underrated the evils depicted as resulting from habits of dissipation. The hard times experienced by a large class of people, the speaker rightly contended, results from the habit of dram-drinking.
January 1, 1887

The year 1861 sums up – Thousands of lives lost; an Army of 650,000 men; a Navy of 270 vessels and 22,000 men; a national debt of 500,000,000; the treasury nearly bankrupt; no foreign market for our loans; the initiation of
a Government paper currency, and a national bankrupt law; a foreign war threatened; 400,000 rebels in the field.
January 3, 1862

Town Topics – The employees of Iroquois Farm and their families, numbering 130, were entertained at a Christmas dinner at Parshall’s Restaurant Monday evening by Mr. and Mrs. F. Ambrose Clark. Following the dinner the guests repaired to the Village Hall, where a Christmas tree, laden with gifts for all, awaited them. Later, dancing was enjoyed, with music by Bronner’s orchestra.
The feature at the Star Theatre on New Year’s night will be a series of scenes from the world’s championship baseball games between the Philadelphia Athletics and the New York Giants. The baseball pictures will be shown in addition to the usual good program.
December 27, 1911

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