BOUND VOLUMES March 12, 2020


March 12, 2020


On the February 24, at 12 o’clock at night, Joseph Nelson, Nathaniel Brown, Philip Johnson, Lemuel Wood, John O’Brien, James Joyce, David Linus, James Martin, and John N. Baldwin, escaped from No. 12, in the Middle Hall of the State Prison
at Auburn, by breaking through the outside wall of the cell. It was done with bars of iron, and is said to have been the work of a week or ten days. Wood and O’Brien have been retaken and are again in prison.

March 13, 1820


Poetry – “Woman” by Hannah More: “As some fair violet, loveliest of the glade sheds its mild fragrance in the lonely shade. Withdrawn its modest head from public sight, nor courts the sun, nor seeks the glare of light. Should some rude hand profanely dare intrude and bear its beauties from its native wood, exposed above its languid colors fly. Its form decays and all its odors die. So, woman born to dignify retreat, unknown to flourish and unseen be great, to give domestic life its sweetest charm. With softness polish, and with virtue warm, fearful of fame, unwilling to be known, should seek but heaven’s applauses and
her own. Should dread no blame but that which crimes impart, the censures of a self-condemning heart.”

March 10, 1845


A Masquerade Party will be held at Van Court’s Hall, Fly Creek, on Wednesday evening, March 16th, 1870. The proceeds are to be applied to the Universalist Society. A general invitation is given. Good music in attendance. By Order of Com.

Wanted: A live man to represent the Aetna Life Insurance Co. in Otsego County and vicinity. To a good business man, willing to work, a liberal and permanent contract will be given. Call on, or address James C. Mix, Manager, 12 South Salina Street, Syracuse, N.Y.

John Kilpatrick came into court on Wednesday morning and pled guilty to grand larceny. The Judge said that in
consideration of his age, and that this is the first crime with which he has been charged, and in the belief that the lighter punishment will have the effect to restrain him from the commission of crime in future, and to induce him to come to the place of his punishment determined to wipe out the stain which this offense has affixed to him, and become a good citizen and a comfort and blessing to his mother, the Court would inflict the lighter punishment – State Prison at Auburn for one year.

March 10, 1870


Before Judge Welch on Monday, March 22, a panel of jurors was drawn in the courthouse in Cooperstown to serve a term of court beginning March 22 with Judge Ulysses G. Welch presiding: L.F. Steere, Cooperstown, Clyde Bresee, Oneonta, Fred E. Hollister, Hartwick, Le McRorie, Westford, Frank Berry, Hartwick, Frank Mills, Rockdale, Rae Stanhouse, Hartwick, M.J. Multer, Cooperstown, L.N. Wood, Cooperstown; George Aspinwall, Cooperstown, Edward Yerdon, Cherry Valley, Henry Walters, Mt. Vision, Wardell Spraker, Cherry Valley, Homer Potter, Oneonta, John Hunter, New Berlin, H.E. Brooks, Edmeston, Lee Sargent, Otego, Clarence Goodale, Richfield Springs, George Aspinwall, Cooperstown, Wells Branigan, South Worcester, Robert Niles, Oneonta, Charles

March 10, 1920


Before a large and appreciative audience a cast of five talented players of the Cooperstown Academy presented a one-act play – “Who Gets the Car Tonight?” given Saturday night on the gymnasium stage as a feature of the annual Red Cross benefit entertainment. Neil Rudd took the part of Mrs. Jones. Bruce Dodd was Mr. Jones. Millard Wright was Paul Jones. Payton Pinkerton played Mary Jones and Tony Lind was Jack. Preceding the play, the Glee Club gave a delightful concert under the direction of Miss Lucy Cooke, instructor in Music. The Club sang with fine effect “Barcarole” by Offenbach; “Heav’n, Heav’n,” a Negro spiritual, and “Shortnin’ Bread,” Jacque Wolfe. A large sum was raised for the Red Cross Emergency War Fund.

March 14, 1945


The annual meeting of the Native Sons of Cooperstown will be held Thursday, March 19, at 7 o’clock at the Veterans Club according to Robert C. Tennant, the Native Sons president. A roast beef dinner will be served under the direction of Joseph M. Clancy, and entertainment will follow the meal. Male residents of Cooperstown and its immediate surrounding area, who are 50 years of age or older, or who have lived here for at least 50 years are invited to join the organization.

Sixty members and guests attended the annual Birthday Dinner of the Cooperstown Criterion Club, held March 4, in the Veterans Club rooms. A delicious baked ham dinner was prepared by Joseph M. Clancy and served by the Committee including Mrs. Clancy, chairman, Charlene Stevens, Janet Hurlbert, Juno Purvis, Rosa Dutcher and Elizabeth Peck.

March 11, 1970


The recently announced Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Upstate New York Men’s Second Team All-Star line-up includes Tim Osterhoudt, a Cooperstown Central School graduate and now a senior forward at Hartwick College. Osterhoudt finished his career at Hartwick with 1,308 points, good for tenth on the school top scorer’s chart.

An unusual exhibition of surreal images will open March 17 at Gallery 53 Artworks in a show of photographic works by Rose Mackiewicz and Timothy Sellers call “Reconstructions.” The exhibition is sponsored by Russ Smith, Garbologist. “It’s a rather dramatic exhibition,” noted Sydney Waller, Gallery 53’s director who has curated
more than 150 shows for the Arts Center since 1981.

March 12, 1995


Isabella Penola reigned champion when twenty-four spellers met at the eighth annual Regional Spelling Bee Saturday, March 6, at SUNY Oneonta’s Goodrich Theater. Her winning word was “sevruga,” a Caspian Sea sturgeon whose small gray roe is used for caviar. The daughter of John and Laura Penola, Isabella is home-schooled in Cooperstown. She qualifies for the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in June. Sarah Siegel, a CCS student and daughter of Tim and Maureen Siegel, came in second. The word “homburg” stumped her.

March 13, 2010

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