BOUND VOLUMES Nov. 7, 2019


Nov. 7, 2019


The Editor of the Catskill Recorder, in speaking of the late Agricultural exhibition in this county, commends our citizens for having taken the lead in a march so important to the interests of the state, and says, “the President’s address, the report of the viewing committee, and “The Epitome of Agriculture,” were well-worthy the occasion, as the occasion was well-worthy of them.” He also compliments us upon the improved appearance of this paper, and hopes, that “although we may differ politically, yet in all measures for the advancement of the general interests of society, we may be allied.” To this we respond Amen. The post occupied by the editor of a public journal, is at all times important, and more particularly so, when the public mind seems fitted to judge candidly and impartially upon subjects intimately connected with the prosperity and happiness of the country. It shall always be our study to render as much service as lies in our power, to aid the cause of virtue and support the government which protects our life, liberty and property. And, we are not at all apprehensive, in discharging this duty, that we shall war with an editor so intelligent and respectable as Mr. Croswell, whose paper not only exhibits judgment and a refined taste, but very considerable talent.

November 8, 1819


Election Results – Otsego County: Democratic Majorities – Burlington, 140; Butternuts, 9; Exeter, 25; Edmeston, 52; Hartwick, 22; Laurens, 20; Milford, 50; Maryland, 42; Middlefield, 142; New Lisbon, 152; Oneonta, 138; Otego, 29; Otsego, 175; Pittsfield, 57; Plainfield, 31; Springfield, 86; Unadilla, 210; Westford, 2; Worcester, 42. Total: 1,494 less 172 gives Polk’s overall majority: 1,322, a gain of 508 on the vote of 1840, the majority then being 724. Otsego has done her part in pushing the column to Victory!

November 11, 1844


Thanksgiving Hospital – Second Annual Report (Excerpted): At the close of last year’s report, the hope was expressed that the year 1869 would not pass without an effort being made to pay off at least a small portion of the mortgage; also that the beginning of an endowment fund should be made, were it only a very small sum. These hopes have been more than fulfilled. The entire mortgage of $1,554 with interest to the amount of $146.68, has been paid. The beginning of an endowment fund amounting to $2,050, has also been made. Improvements on the house and grounds to the amount of $506 have been completed. A dumb-waiter, very ingenious in its contrivance, has been introduced, passing upward from the basement to the third floor. Apple trees, plum trees, pear trees, currant and raspberry buses have been set out. A neat plank walk has been laid from the porch to the street.

November 5, 1869


An enthusiastic meeting of forty or more service men and women was held on Friday night of last week in the Village Club, for the purpose of officially forming the Cooperstown Post of the American Legion, composed entirely of men and women who served the United States in an active capacity during the World War. Dr. George W. Augustin, Otsego County Chairman of the Legion, and representative of the Oneonta Post, together with Dr. F.J. McMenamin, also of Oneonta, addressed the gathering and pointed out the importance of former soldiers and sailors sticking together in the years to come. One important result of this might be, he said, the granting of an additional bonus for servicemen by Congress, which would amount in some instances to about $200 depending on length of service. He was loudly cheered.

November 12, 1919


In Cooperstown: The Cooperstown Central School basketball squad is hampered by a lack of playing shoes, which cannot be obtained because of a war shortage. Coach Lester G. Bursey therefore is making an appeal to former high school players to turn in their old shoes to the team and thereby aid the cause.

November 8, 1944


The cornerstone of Otsego County’s new office building will be laid Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Supervisor Guy E. Rathbun of Morris, chairman of the Otsego County Building Committee announced plans for the dedication and cornerstone laying ceremony at the final session of the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors goes out of business December 31 as Otsego County’s legislative body. The following day, the 27-member Board will be replaced by a 14-member Board of Representatives elected a week ago. Eight of the 27 members of the Board of Supervisors, seven Republicans and one Democrat, were named to the new Board of Representatives.

November 12, 1969


Losing a game in the last seconds is always tough. But, if you are a senior, and it’s your last game, it may seem even tougher. Those were the circumstances that the Cooperstown football team, with 15 seniors, dealt with on Saturday afternoon when they lost to host Oriskany 22 to 16 on a 20-yard touchdown pass with nine seconds left in the game. Seniors playing their last game for Cooperstown were Howard Graham, Buddy Lippitt, Mason Sanford, Chris Wells, Fred Koffer, Brian Ough, Tavish Rathbone, Frank Wilsey, Brad Ainslie, Roger Bennett, Dakin Campbell, Josh Maher, Roger Sprague, Jim Clyne and Sean Hill.

November 2, 1994


Brenda Wedderspoon-Gray was honored with receipt of the 2009 Patrick C. Fetterman Award for service to youth from Jane Forbes Clark, President of the Clark Foundation at a luncheon at the Otesaga Hotel on November 2. Wedderspoon-Gray is Aquatics Director at the Clark Sports Center.
Christopher Talevi, Roanoke, Virginia, grandson of Vera and Bruno Talevi, Cooperstown, has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Christopher raised $2,500 to build a 10 by 12 foot shed for his city’s recreation department. It took 400 man-hours. Christopher’s father Steven Talevi and his uncle Robert Talevi are also Eagle Scouts.

Bassett Hospital’s Hartwick Clinic for dermatology, pain management, plastic surgery and advanced skincare opened October 19 in a low-slung building on Route 28 that originally served as home to the Corvette Hall of Fame.

November 6, 2009

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