BOUND VOLUMES: November 12, 2020


November 12, 2020


We are indebted to the politeness of Mr. Luca, the Deputy Marshal authorized to take the Census of this County, for the following statement of the population of this Village (Cooperstown): 371 Free White Males; 387 Free White Females; 1 Male Slave; 2 Female Slaves; 6 Free Colored Males; 16 Free Colored Females; Total population 783.
Female Fashion: The Weatherfield Grass Bonnet, which obtained a premium at the Hartford Fair, has been sent to New York, where it was examined by a great number of merchants and others who are well acquainted with and engaged in the sale of Leghorn Bonnets, who pronounced it equal if not superior to the finest imported Leghorns. It is said that the sale of Leghorn Bonnets in the City of New York alone amounts to not less than half a million of dollars.

November 13, 1820


Coroner’s Inquest – Mr. Abner Graves, Jr., one of the Coroners of this county, on the sixth of November, held an inquest in Milford on the body of Alvina Wager, aged about 45 years, who was found dead in her bedroom with a black silk handkerchief tied round her neck, and hitched to a hook in a joist about four inches from the partition wall, with her back against the wall, one foot resting on the foot of the bed, and the other hanging over it. She had been deranged nine or ten years. Verdict: Insanity.
Opium Eating in England – We have rarely met with more painful details than are furnished in a late report of The Health of Towns Commission in England. It appears that the use of opiates is becoming formidably frequent among the manufacturing population, not only by adults, but more dreadful still, that opium is commonly given to children.

November 15, 1845


The Union School – A spare hour of Monday was devoted to a visit to the Union School. Professor Wight and his five capable Assistants have about all they can attend to in looking after their 290 scholars, even with the most systematic management that can be introduced. Indeed, in two of the four departments there are more scholars than seats, and another room and teacher are needed. The mistake made in yielding to the opposition urged against the building of the new schoolhouse at a time when the project was being discussed and voted on, so far as to allow a reduction in its size from the original plan, is now acknowledged. The school house is too small for the purpose to which it is devoted, unless a convenient room to accommodate about 60 small scholars can be finished in the basement.
Water Company – A large portion of the village is unsupplied with drinking water, and families and neighborhoods are put to no little inconvenience in consequence. One of our village physicians states that cases of sickness are traceable to use of river water upon which the Water Co. have been compelled to draw to supply a part of the village during the prolonged drought. This evil should be remedied at the earliest possible period.

November 3, 1870


Police Notes: Thursday night of last week Office Post arrested “Hank” Breese and Wm. McGhay, who for some time past had been sleeping off their sprees in the apparatus room of the Fireman’s Building. Justice Leonard gave McGhay 30 days in jail and Breese 15 days. Charles Best of Schoharie was also arrested on a charge of public intoxication and given 30 days in jail.
A Filthy Habit – The Public Spitting Nuisance. It is sickening to an observer to see how general is this reprehensible practice – how thoughtless even well-dressed men become of the rights of other people to decency and comfort in this respect. It is bad enough to spit upon the sidewalks, but that is less bad than using the floors of buildings and public conveyances as spittoons. If people must spit in the streets, let them use the roadways and gutters, not the sidewalks. (Ed. Note: This concern was linked to a rising popularity of chewing tobacco products, mainly among men).

November 14, 1895


State Health Department Advice on the Common Cold: The general impression that a common “cold in the head” is an unavoidable though harmless condition that can be safely ignored by the sufferer so far as care and treatment are concerned is somewhat upset by a recent statement issued by the New York State Department of Health: “In the opinion of public health officials, common colds are as infectious as influenza and are not infrequently the starting point for pneumonia. They can be guarded against by avoiding excessive fatigue and by protecting the body from direct drafts, dampness, sudden chilling and other conditions that lower bodily resistance especially in the throat and nose.

November 10, 1920


Excerpts from a Letter to the Editor: “In last week’s paper, Cooperstown was quoted as “one of nine happy towns in the United States” as picked by a national magazine. In recent controversy is the proposed North-South Expressway, which, if some local groups have their way, will pass somewhere fairly close to Cooperstown. Those who favor this route feel it will bring added tourists, development and economy to Cooperstown. Is this new expressway – four lanes of concrete and steel – going to add to the benefits we have here already? I doubt it.” Regina McShane

November 11, 1970


Bassett Researchers are investigating what could prove to be a treatment for patients with Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes. Led by Dr. Eugene Holowachuk, Bassett researchers recently received a $100,000 grant from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International to conduct a two-year study of what could possibly lead to a treatment for Type 1 diabetes.

November 12, 1995


As drilling for natural gas in Otsego County gains momentum, a coalition of anti-hydrofracking environmentalists has sent a plea to the County Board of Representatives to temporarily block gas drilling. “Gas drilling with hydraulic fracturing is starting and the county is not prepared to protect its citizens,” states a letter from the group.

November 11, 2010

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