BOUND VOLUMES: November 26, 2020


November 26, 2020


Land for Sale Low: One Farm of 44 and three-quarter acres of excellent land lying in Richfield, Otsego County, on the Hamilton and Skaneateles Turnpike road leading from Richfield to Skaneateles, on which is a good framed house and barn, a fine young orchard which bears fruit sufficient for a family’s use. The fences are in good repair and 30 acres of which are under good improvement; and lies near the center of the Town. Also, one other Farm of 83 and five eighth acres of as good soil of land as any in the same section of the County, situated on the Third Great Western Turnpike from Albany to Buffalo, by way of Cherry Valley and Cazenovia, on which is a good house and barn, wood-house, cow-house, and other out buildings, to make it a delightful home for a good farmer.

November 27, 1820


Anti-Capital Punishment – Resolution of the National Society of Opponents of Punishment by Death: “Resolved – That in assembling at this time to concentrate and invigorate the exertions of the opponents of Capital Punishment generally, we are cheered with the indications afforded us that this subject is taking a deep hold on the public mind, and we confidently trust that a spirit of inquiry has been aroused which will not sleep until that revolting engine of cruelty, barbarism and vengeance, the Gallows, shall be banished from our country and ultimately from off the face of the Earth.

November 29, 1845


The President and Corrupt Schemes – The New York Post says “no one accuses the President of corruption, but he is intimate with a bad set of men.” Yes, and he has been on such very intimate terms with several corrupt schemes before Congress that his personal reputation has justly suffered in consequence. His going into the Senate to lobby the notorious Santo Domingo treaty through that body was none too strongly stigmatized at the time and since. And, now it turns out that he became mixed up with a noted and fraudulent claim case, and that General Cox left the Cabinet partly in consequence. The rightful owners are still kept out of possession. The President is privy to it and he has acted in their interest.

November 24, 1870


A lady who makes her summer home in this village, following her usual custom at Thanksgiving, was the means of making many a poor family happy. At her direction fifty packages, each containing a fat turkey, two pounds of butter, a pound of tea, five pounds of sugar, a pound of coffee and two pounds of crackers, were distributed among the deserving poor.
There is quite a treat in store for the theatre-goers of Cooperstown. Next Monday evening, December 2, will be seen for the first time in this village at Bowne Opera House, the new London comedy success entitled “A Thoroughbred.” The play is an adaptation from the old English comedy “Still Waters Run Deep,” first produced by the Kendalls at the Gaiety Theatre in London where it ran for a year. Last season it played in New York at The Academy for 100 nights to crowded houses. The play will be produced here with the same cast as seen in New York.
It is no wonder that a case of scarlet fever should occur in a family of six persons, all living in one room in a house in this village. There have been nine cases this fall and one death – that of a child six months old.

November 28, 1895


During the recent campaign Republican speakers were instructed to refer to the League of Nations as “The Wilson League.” Republican newspapers likewise followed these instructions. The theory was that if the League could be presented merely as the work of Mr. Wilson it would be perpetually damned not only throughout the United States, but throughout the world. The League may succeed or the League may fail. But, if it fails, Mr. Wilson will not be responsible. The Republicans have relieved him of that risk. If it succeeds, it will remain his handiwork no matter what revisions may be made in the covenant.

November 24, 1920


Christmas Campaign for Otsego County’s Neediest Cases: Case Number 12: Four walls of a hospital room, a pair of crutches and the knowledge that his physical condition is helpless describes the life of little Ben. He is now 12 years old and one of his greatest pleasures is to receive something from the outside world. He must not be disappointed Christmas morning. Because Ben sits outside on the porch, mittens and a warm cap would come in handy and books or a few games would brighten many days. $5.00.

November 26, 1970


Editorial Excerpt: Hunting is a privilege. But, all too often some not-so-conscientious hunters make the mistake of thinking that it is their right. That especially applies to where we hunt. Common courtesy and the unwritten laws of the outdoorsman states that hunters should approach property owners prior to the season to get permission to hunt on private land. That “goes” whether the land is posted, or not.

November 26, 1995


The Cooperstown Central School Board will be more “specific” about parental approval in the future when their children are exposed to programs some may consider controversial. Parents appeared at a November 17 board meeting to express concerns about a forum the week before where young gays described their experiences to audiences as young as sixth graders. “They thought maybe the kids were too young,” said school board member Tony Scalici. “The parents felt blindsided,” he added.

November 25, 2010

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