NORTHRUP: Broadband, Renewables, Codes, Pot – Why Not?


Broadband, Renewables,

Codes, Pot – Why Not?

To the Editor:

I was reading your newspaper’s “expose” of the Democrats’ top secret plan to take over the county as if it were satire, until I realized you were serious, that changing party leadership was some kind of threat to the county’s political somnambulance.

Of course it’s time for a change! Bring it on.

Everything outlined in the McEvoy Memo would be good for the economic health and wellbeing for all the people of the county.

To wit: Rural broadband – yes, do it, get it done, the more the better. Pot – why not? If marijuana is legalized in New York State, the county should give a new meaning to Upstate.

Renewable energy – it’s the best kind there is. Stop pining for fracked gas that isn’t here and get with the 21st century. Code enforcement – there is none now – there should be as McEvoy proposes – including the demolition, preservation or relocation of derelict buildings.

Neither the village, town nor county enforces codes against substandard buildings – they just let them self-demolish due to benign neglect. Kind of like the local Republican party.

Of the two candidate for District 3 (Laurens-Otego), she sounds she’d be like a real hard-working go-getter for the county.  He sounds like a nice old guy to talk to about horses.



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