C-19 Vaccine: Information And Supplies Remain Limited


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Remain Limited

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Editor’s Note:  www.AllOTSEGO.com will seek to keep you up to date on the availability of vaccinations against COVID-19.  We will strive to update our information at noon daily.

As of noon today, the only New York State special sites still accepting appointments from citizens 65 and over is Plattsburgh and Potsdam.

According to the NYS website, “The Federal Government determines how much vaccine New York State receives and has given New York approximately 250,000 vaccines per week for over 7 million people who are eligible – as a result supply is very limited.

Vaccines are available at pharmacies, hospitals and through local health departments – please contact the provider of your choice to schedule a vaccine appointment.”

Through the “Am I Eligible” app, eligible individuals can register to receive the vaccine at facilities where supplies are available. CLICK HERE FOR APPOINTMENT

After two doses of the Pfizer and Moderna inoculations, there is approximately a 94 percent efficacy of both. The longevity of this immunity is not yet known.

Going forward, there will be at least five ways to get the COVID-19 inoculation.  In addition to state sites, the other four are:

• ONE, Bassett Healthcare Network facilities, which have been inoculating its staff, 1A and some members of the 1B population.  As of this afternoon, four sites were listed: Fox, Little Falls, Tri-Town in Sidney and Cobleskill hospitals.  As of now, however, each site said “no appointments available.” The webpage also notes: “At this time, Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown and O’Connor Hospital in Delhi are not state-authorized vaccination sites.” The network’s announcement of a Saturday clinic in Cooperstown filled up within minutes. Check back for more details.  CLICK HERE TO STAY UP TO DATE


As of this afternoon, Rite Aids webpage now read, “Check back to learn when the COVID-19 vaccine will be available at Rite Aid. Through our partnership with the CDC, all of Rite Aid locations are staged and ready to administer the vaccine as soon as available for pharmacy distribution.”

 CVS has no available appointments for the vaccine at any of its NY locations at this time.

Walgreen’s has no vaccines for the public at this time.

Kinney Drugs continues to inoculate. All future appointments, at this time, have been booked, but the is schedule now accessible to the public.

Dr. Diane Georgeson detailed in last night’s common council meeting for the City of Oneonta that appointments should be coming available at the Rite Aid on Chestnut Street in Oneonta and the CVS in Cooperstown; further suggesting that one or both locations may have started inoculating despite the limited information available on either webpage.

• THREE, the county Health Department.  As of this afternoon, however, the county’s COVID-19 update page was reporting no available appointments in the surrounding area – that said, the site states that if additional vaccines are received, additional clinics will be scheduled. Further, a more precise list of eligibility was added to the page. Additionally, the website now notes: “Registration is mandatory for all clinics. We cannot accommodate walk-ins. When arriving for clinic, please bring a copy of registration confirmation as well as identification and proof of eligibility.” Further, the health department cannot vaccinate those of the 65-plus population without meeting another requirement. Those 65 or older are required to be vaccinated through clinics at this time.

• FOUR, private clinics.  Well Now Urgent Care at 5001 Route 23, Southside Oneonta, is not making vaccination appointments at this time .  CLICK HERE TO STAY UP TO DATE 

One thought on “C-19 Vaccine: Information And Supplies Remain Limited

  1. Delores Bennett

    Regarding this statement from the article:

    “Those 65 or older are required to be vaccinated through clinics at this time.”

    I think you mean at drug stores, primarily. It’s confusing to say at clinics, I believe.

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