Can Four-Way Stops Reform Bad Drivers?


Can Four-Way Stops

Reform Bad Drivers?

To the Editor

According to the article “4-Way Stop Sign Eyed For Glen, Grove Corner,” found at, a proposal is being made by the Village Board to help eliminate accidents at that location by making it a four-way stop. The article points out that Glen and Grove has the second most accidents of all the intersections in the village.

It is also noted in the article that the intersection of Susquehanna Avenue and Beaver Street has the most accidents, a rather ironic circumstance given that the Susquehanna and Beaver intersection has been a four-way stop for years. Old timers in the village will no doubt remember that the change was made to a four-way stop to help eliminate accidents at that intersection. Unfortunately, accidents happen far too often on the road. With there being so many drivers on the road, it is important for anyone behind the wheel to try and stay safe. Even if it means taking extra lessons to boost confidence, attending something like a ny defensive driving school to learn to be a better driver, or being extra cautious, these are just a number of ways to help stay safe while on the road.

Evidently, when it comes to eliminating accidents, the four-way stop has not worked particularly well at the corner of Susquehanna and Beaver. It makes one wonder why it is thought a four-way stop would work any better to help eliminate accidents at the corner of Glen and Grove.

In fact, it might well be thought, that the problem with accidents at these intersections has less to do with traffic regulations and more to do with the motorists passing through the intersections.


Mount Vernon, Ohio

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