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EDUCATION: BA, Manhattan College; MS, St.John’s University; Certificate in Land Use Leadership, Pace University.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 40 year teaching career in HS English; 32 year career as Cross-Country and Track & Field Coach, including 8 years as Division 1 NCAA Head Coach.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Town of Richfield Planning Board member; Vice-President, Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful; Co-chair of Richfield Joint Comprehensive Plan Committee; Board of Directors, Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce; Vendor, Richfield Springs Farmers’ Market.

FAMILY: wife Teresa; four children (boys).

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: I believe in direct democracy wherever applicable and possible; thus, the local levels of government are the most important. Local government should inform the regional, State and National levels, not vice-versa. Participation is our duty as citizens.


One, County Government needs coherent policies and procedures in order to operate effectively and efficiently. The Board of Representatives needs to give the Department Directors what they need to make things run right across the board.

Two, Economic Development needs to spread throughout the County, and not merely flow to Oneonta and Cooperstown. Our Northern gateway, for example, is an area of great potential that is being overlooked. It’s in the County’s best interest to spread prosperity County-wide, and the Board of Representatives can play a key role here.

Three, There must be cooperation and unity among the Board of Representatives. With the right atmosphere and attitude of working together and not squabbling, we can serve our 62,000 constituents far better. I will work to build solid working relationships with all fellow Representatives.

MY QUALITIES: I am hard-working and energetic. I work to develop good relationships with all, not just political allies. I have successfully managed programs in education, athletics, and community organizations for decades. As a political Independent, I work with all sides to achieve common ground and consensus.

STATEMENT: Benjamin Franklin, after all the Continental Congress had signed the Declaration of Independence: “We must all now hang together, or we shall surely hang separately”. The same is true for Otsego.


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