Card Skimmer Found At Southside Bank

‘Card Skimmer’

Located In ATM

At Southside Bank

Press Conference Underway At Troop C

State Police at Troop C today released this image of the individual they suspect may have installed a “card skimmer” at the ATM at Community Bank’s Southside office.

ONEONTA – State police reported today a card-skimming device was found in the ATM on the Community Bank drive-thru window at its Southside Oneonta branch on Route 23, and also released a photo of a man they suspect may have placed it there.

The device, which fits inconspicuously over the card slot, reads information from any card that it swipes; the data can then be used to make fraudulent purchases.

The device was discovered at approximately 11:30 a.m. Saturday,  according to a press release from Troop C headquarters, Sidney.  As of this hour, no arrests have been made.

Maj. William McEvoy, Troop C commander, is holding a press conference at this hour to provide more details.  Check back for updates.

One thought on “Card Skimmer Found At Southside Bank

  1. KC Harloff

    I think he may have left some DNA on that thing as he assembled it. I also believe that he probably had to scout around and look for a particular ATM slot to use thus there may be other photos of him at ATMs around Oneonta.

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