Chairman Leaving Otsego Now Board

Chairman Leaving

Otsego Now Board

For Now, Hulse Succeeds Morgan

Devin Morgan

ONEONTA – Devin Morgan, Otsego Now chairman during the tumult that led to the resignation of the organization’s president, Sandy Mathes, in June, has resigned.

According to a letter sent to county representatives and fellow board members, his resignation is effective at the end of the year, and the current vice chair, Rick Hulse, will serve as acting chair until a decision on Morgan’s successor is made.

Morgan, who is affiliated with an Albany law firm and has been advising entrepreneurs, said his new focus will be on a new company, Good People Energy Technologies Inc., creating energy-saving products for older buildings.

Noting “the past year has been a challenging one,” he said Otsego Now board is made up of people who “deeply care about the fate of the county” and criticism they received is unwarranted.

“If you want to continue to have smart, motivated people serve in key positions to improve our county,” he wrote, “it would be a good idea to appreciate their efforts and, at the very least, give them the benefit of the doubt that they are working hard to do the right thing.”

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