Cooperstown Planning Board OKs Shortterm Rental Permits

Cooperstown Planning Board

OKs Shortterm Rental Permits

By PATRICK WAGER • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – The Village Planning Board extended a short-term rental permit and granted a new one last evening at its December meeting.

The new permit went to 25 Chestnut St., owned by Cooperstown Eagles LLC, and a three-year renewal to 44 Susquehanna Ave., owned by Alice Gavaria.

During the public hearing phase of the meeting, Rosemary MaCabe, School House Court, expressed her belief that short-term rentals “cut down on people moving into the Village before they buy a house.”

Long-term residents who care about the community, she said, are more likely to contribute to the upkeep of the village.

In response, Gavaria spoke of the positive aspects short-term rentals create.  “We are year-‘round residents and open our home to short-term visitors,” she said.  “We haven’t broken the house down into apartments.  We are empty-nesters and so have the room.  Additionally, three of my guests have gone on to purchase homes in the Village.”

The planning board chairman, Susan Chair Snell, then entered the discussion.  She said the planning board has worked to keep residents needs in mind.  For example, to prevent street parking issues, “Parking is (kept intentionally) restrictive and required on the site.  A parking spot is required for each rented room and two parking spots for the owners.”

While shortterm rentals are often a point of contention, Zoning Enforcement Officer Jane Gentile reported that of 1,012 buildings in the village, of that number 718 are residences (homes and apartments), and there are only 40 short-term rental permits.

In the past, short-term rental permits were granted indefinitely, but to accommodate changes in any new laws, a two-year permitting term was established.  Now that the first two-year window has ended and new regulations are in effect, the term was lengthened from two years to three.

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  1. ronald shapley

    Thus depleting the housing stock in Cooperstown… No one can find a place to live outside of purchasing……….. There goes the neighborhood.. Congratulations Cooperstown !!

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