Cooperstown Trustees Affirm Flying Pride Flag

Cooperstown Trustees

Affirm Flying Pride Flag

COOPERSTOWN – After brisk debate, the Village Board a few minutes ago stood by the decision to fly the Pride Flag during the month of June with the Stars & Stripes on the flagpole at Main and Pioneer streets.

Against the advice of Village Attorney Martin Tillapaugh, they approved a policy on flags.  And they approved flying the POW-MIA flag on the Main-Pioneer flagpole during Novembers, POW-MIA month, “in perpetuity.”


3 thoughts on “Cooperstown Trustees Affirm Flying Pride Flag

  1. northildenbrand

    I, as a previous resident of Middlefield, am appalled that Cooperstown has elected to raise any flag but the the American flag at the center of the town. Not for one day but for a MONTH!! What is wrong with you residents.

  2. Kevin Ramage

    The American Flag in itself stands for pride for all. When will the ridiculousness from the trustees of this village end?

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