County Reps Take Oath To Protect Constitution


County Reps Take Oath

To Protect Constitution

To the Editor:

It serves as a necessary reminder to some that America is a representative republic based on Constitutional law. This is exampled by the requirement that every elected official must swear an oath to “support” or “protect” the Constitution of the United States before taking the seat that he/she was elected for.

As such, the Otsego County Board of Representatives is by no means an exception. It has even been brought to my attention that some representatives chose to substitute the Bible with the Constitution itself. To these individuals, one would expect an ever-more committed reverence to uphold and support the Constitution to which our American Republic is based.

It should come as no surprise that the Bill of Rights is an intrinsic part of American law. When an oath is violated, it is called perjury.

As I have stated before, our organization, Otsego 2AS, does not stand upon a partisan platform but, rather, a Constitutional one. Either one embraces the Constitution, or one does not. Thus, either the county representatives will embrace their oath, or they will perjure. It is just that simple.

The oath is no trivial matter.

In essence, it is what separates our republic from behaving as an unscrupulous banana republic, where whatever the powerful desire is what is pursued. It is the sworn duty of the elected officeholder to render themselves restrained and accountable to such oath made. In this case, the oath is to support the Constitution. Therefore, transgressing the Constitution clearly violates this oath.

As Chief Justice Marshall stated in Marbury vs. Madison (1803): “A law repugnant to the Constitution is void; and that courts, as well as other departments are bound to that Instrument.”

The 2AS Resolution embraces this ruling as a necessary step to reverse the course of Constitutional infringements. It is with profound satisfaction that Otsego county board does harbor fighters for freedom in standing upon their sworn oath.

In saying this, I cannot see anyone more qualified for state Senate than Peter Oberacker. It is never an understatement to say that doing the right thing is never easy. Likewise, I commend many sitting in our county board who truly desire to uphold their sworn oaths of office.

Yet the 2AS movement would never have been necessary had the New York State government not embarked upon the unconstitutional path of perpetual firearm infringements. It is to this where
fighters for freedom must endeavor to straighten a lost government back to its sworn principles.

I have no doubt that Peter Oberacker will continue this restoration of a current state banana republic back to its Constitutional basis.


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