AT RTES. 20, 80

A driver’s body was removed from this crumpled red Buick Lacrosse in today’s 2:45 p.m. fatal crash that also sent Sheriff’s Deputy James Mateunas to a Bassett Hospital operating room.  The driver’s identity has not yet been released, but an eyewitness said he saw the driver in a altercation with a woman, Robin Church, at the State Police barracks in Richfield Springs.  The driver fled the barracks with troopers in pursuit, and deputies joined the chase, which ended when the fleeing car collided head-on with Mateunas’ cruiser at the junction of Routes 20 and 80, Kelly’s Corners, at the north end of Springfield Center.  Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. is at the scene at this hour, and details will be reported as they become available.  (Jennifer Hill/

5 thoughts on “CREWS REMOVE DRIVER’S BODY AT RTES. 20, 80

  1. Nurse B

    Actually, the actor was on the ground, about 12-15 feet from the car. I was the first health professional on the scene. It was unclear at the time if he was pulled, or if extricated himself. I was able to ascertain that the deputy was conscious, and talking, so I went to check on the actor. By the time I got to him, he was DOA, but had to start chest compressions and keep them going until rescue arrived to spell me. I returned to the deputy, and he did, indeed, have the injuries mentioned.

  2. Anonymous

    The chase did not begin at the troopers barracks, it began on West Main street and went past the school and then went up East Main street towards the barracks.

  3. Denise

    Why do we still persue these guys. It always ends up tragic, usually an innocent bystander. Was a life worth a high speed chase because of an argument?

  4. northildenbrand

    Police usually have his license number and direction traveling, just wait in a road block or go to his residence later and get him.

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