Cuomo, Schumer Favorability Drops Sharply, Poll Says

Trump Nudges Up In NYS

Cuomo, Schumer

Favorability Drops

Sharply, Poll Says

Governor Cuomo’s job performance rating plummeted in the last month, and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer also saw a significant drop in how voters feel about him, according to a Siena Poll of New York State voters released yesterday.

President Trump’s ratings actually edged up a bit.

The governor’s favorability rating fell to negative 43-50 percent, down from  51-43 percent last month. His job performance rating fell to 35-64 percent, down from 43-56 percent.  Schumer saw his favorability rating drop to 47-46 percent, down from 53-39 percent in January, the Siena pollsters found.

Voters say Democrats in Congress should not include President Trump’s border wall funding to avoid a second partial government shutdown 52-43 percent. The President should not declare a national emergency to fund the wall voters say 70-26 percent. Trump’s favorability rating is 35-59 percent, up from 32-64 percent last month.

By an overwhelming margin, New Yorkers say the Child Victims Act will be good for New York. By wide margins, they say GENDA, the Dream Act and recently passed election reform and gun control laws will be good for New York. They say the same about the Reproductive Health Act by a narrower 47-32 percent margin.

“Now, for the first time ever, half of New Yorkers view Andrew Cuomo unfavorably. It’s his lowest favorability rating ever and his lowest-ever job performance as governor,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “And it is a dramatic drop in both ratings from last month.

“Politically, Cuomo’s ratings drop is across the board, as he fell with Democrats, Republicans and independents. Geographically, his drop was much bigger downstate – New York City and the suburbs – than upstate, where his ratings were significantly lower previously,” Greenberg said. “The 43 percent of voters who view Cuomo favorably matches exactly the 43 percent of voters who view the State Assembly favorably, and the State Senate.”

“While Cuomo, the Assembly and the Senate are each viewed favorably by 43 percent of voters, both houses garner higher ‘don’t knows’ than Cuomo resulting in the Assembly having a five-point net positive favorability rating and the Senate having a two-point net positive favorability rating, while Cuomo’s favorability rating is a seven-point net negative,” Greenberg said. “Both the Assembly and Senate favorability ratings are down from last month, but they are down a little less than Cuomo’s.”

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