DEAN: White Males Killing Us With AK-47s


White Males Killing

Us With AK-47s

To the Editor:

Aside from it possibly being an illegal proposal, I have no interest in, nor do I support in any way, the
Second Amendment Sanctuary proposal before the board.

The 3,295 signatures are 5.5 percent of the Otsego County population.

I am an almost 50-year resident of Otsego County, an Air Force veteran who served in the USAF Strategic Air Command, the USAF Security Service with the CIA in the mountains outside of Afghanistan, and volunteered twice for Vietnam.

I paid my patriotic dues.

I support the Governor and the laws of the State of New York.

If New York State laws need to be adjusted, there are responsible, legal pathways for those changes.
No one is trying to take away legally owned guns from responsible people.

I fully support the management and control of military-style assault weapons to keep them out of the
hands of irresponsible and potentially dangerous people.

It should be noted that anti-gun sentiment has mostly come from the horrendous, multiple, ongoing, mass killings in our country.

It should be noted that the preferred weapon of choice for mass killings is the AR15-style assault rifle.

It should be noted that almost all of the perpetrators of the mass killings in the United States of America are white males.

Bring me a resolution that fixes those problems, and I am all in.


One thought on “DEAN: White Males Killing Us With AK-47s

  1. Anne

    I was struck by the writer’s comment regarding rifles. Murders committed by all types of rifles combined, in 2018, dropped by 23.9 percent. According to the FBI, out of 14,123 homicides in 2018, only 297 (2.1 percent) were committed by rifles, less than by knives (11 percent), hands fists and feet (5 percent) and blunt objects (3 percent).

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