Delgado Among 200 Sponsoring Impeachment Bill


Delgado Among

200 Sponsoring

Impeachment Bill

Congressman Delgado

Congressman Antonio Delgado, D-19, today co-sponsored an article of impeachment against President Trump, citing incitement of insurrection.

The article of impeachment, authored by Reps. Cicilline, Raskin, and Lieu, has been co-sponsored by over 200 congressmen.

“On Jan. 6, the President incited a violent insurrection of the Capitol while Congress sought to uphold its constitutional duty to certify election results,” said Delgado.

“Today, I joined more than 200 of my colleagues in introducing an article of impeachment against President Trump. Protecting our democracy from ongoing threats requires swift action.”

9 thoughts on “Delgado Among 200 Sponsoring Impeachment Bill

  1. Dommy M

    Come on he leaves office in 9 days. These people really hate Trump. They are afraid he will win in 2024. Some day the situation will reverse, then you will really hear these people whine.

  2. Frequent Flyer

    THIS Otsego county resident does not, nor have I ever supported Trump.
    This latest stunt of his just proves how unhinged and dangerous he really is.
    And furthermore I AM NOT stupid.

  3. portia

    I am very glad to hear that Rep. Delgado is co-sponsoring a bill to impeach a president who will be leaving in eight days. Perhaps he could further earn his $174,000 a year salary by enacting legislation to eradicate smallpox and denounce Kaiser Wilhelm.
    On the other hand, the more time spent by Delgado and other Democrats in political posturing, the less time they have to make our lives more miserable with gluttonous taxes and oppressive regulations.

  4. Bimpster

    Delgado swore an oath to protect and defend their Democracy and not the Constitution. Poor guy doesn’t really have a clue and is out of his league.

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